First Impressions — Shows I Haven’t Bothered Watching but Feel Qualified to Talk Crap About Anyway


I watched the first quarter of the episode. It was a commercial for another show that I hated. Dropped with prejudice.

Saint Seiya Omega

Lol no. If I wanted men in fugly costumes randomly shouting attack names at each other and protecting damsels in distress with ridiculous poses, I would… well, I wouldn’t.


So I lied. I thought this would be a post about shows I never watched, but then I went and watched Gon. It was actually pretty good. If you like watching a little dinosaur the size of a squirrel beat the crap out of a giant bear. Plus the OP was quite catchy.


Still, I’m twenty years too old for this. Dropped.

Pabu and Mojizu

If Gon is intended for four year olds, Pabu and Mojizu is intended for two year olds whose parents want them to learn things while having “fun.” Not even two year olds are going to find this show fun, however.

Naruto SD

This is worse than Naruto. I’d probably suffer less catching up on the hundreds of episodes of Naruto I’ve fallen behind by than watching this.

Kuromajyo-san ga Touru!!

Once again, I broke my promise and actually watched this. It was short so I’m not sure if it counts. But either way, this wasn’t all that bad. I liked how the ghost was kind of the good guy for once. But life is short, so dropped.


Wow, this is ugly. Dropped.

Arashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi

They’re just friends. Yeah, sure. I decided to drop this after seeing the lovey-dovey crap in the opening, but I fast forwarded to the latter parts anyway. The wolf’s stomach keeps growling as he stares at the sheep’s ass. He’s hungry for lamb meat. In a totally non-sexual way, of course…

11 thoughts on “First Impressions — Shows I Haven’t Bothered Watching but Feel Qualified to Talk Crap About Anyway

  1. I grew up watching The Zodiac Knights in Spanish, so I simply HAD to take a peek at Saint Seiya Omega, just like I did with The Lost Canvas. I think they’re stressing the nostalgia angle with it, since it does have a bit of a Casshern Sins style to it and even messages touting the return of this ‘legendary’ show. It’s not a bad franchise, but definitely not as good as my young eyes believed it to be.

    1. It does feel nostalgic, and I haven’t ever been a fan of similar shows. I’m too old for this now though…

  2. Oh draggle, here we disagree: From what I’ve seen so far, Kuromajo-san was the most promising show of the new season for me! What a shame you won’t follow this 5 minutes show having just spent circa 10 hours on Guilty Crown.

    I just love that snarky girl. Her magical girl outfit is cute. The plot is easy to follow. And I was impressed by the straightforward manner of the class president who initiated an occult investigation commitee and got our heroine elected as responsible person all within ten seconds. We can’t study because we are too afraid of yuurei?! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Really? Eh, I guess I’ll keep watching Kuromajo for a bit then. It did entertain me enough to finish watching the first episode. Although it did only need to entertain me for five minutes… I guess it can’t hurt to keep watching though.

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