Lupin III — First Impressions


I actually liked this quite a bit. Admittedly, that probably stems from the fact that I’ve never watched a Lupin show besides Minne Fujiko, which from what I hear doesn’t really count. Likely every other episode remaining will be exactly the same and I will get sick of it.



But for now, Lupin has my attention. The art style is great. And I quite like the character of Lupin’s new wife.

5 thoughts on “Lupin III — First Impressions

  1. You should give the original series a go. Looks old and kind of shit but pretty descent. Only about 24 episodes or so.

    1. Yeah I really should. Such a huge backlog, that’s never going to happen though… But I do at least want to watch the miyazaki movie at some point.

  2. I remember having fun watching the original series (but dubbed in Tagalog) on local TV. It was one of the things to look forward to every afternoon–just right when school kids get home.

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