Mahouka 05 — Women, Get in the Kitchen and Make Tatsuya a Sandwich

It’s totally normal to have your sister dress in an apron and do all the cleaning.

This is the student council president’s idea of being mean to Tatsuya….

Truly scandalous, we can see her shoulder.

Gotta protect those weak womenfolks… The women are supposed to be super strong but somehow they always need a man to save them. Love how that works out.

And immediately after this guy starts holding hands with a girl…

we must jump straight to Tatsuya casually one-upping him! Although one of them is his sister and in America we would make fun of him but whatever.


What the fuck is wrong with this girl??? She stabs people in the heart first and asks questions later. And she looks so genuinely delighted as her sword sinks into this girl’s heart. She is supposed to be one of the good guys???!

Then she demands to be given the privilege of torturing this girl for information and everyone agrees. The author of Mahouka truly seems to want to bring us back to the dark ages. What the fuck is wrong with this guy.


I’ve been focusing on the highlights but 50% of this episode was technobabble gibberish. And of course Tatsuya is not only the greatest magician and has the biggest dick, but he is also the world’s greatest physicist and understands the universe better than anyone!

I would enjoy this awful anime much more if it weren’t so goddamn boring.


He’s supposed to be the coolest ever but come on, he wouldn’t survive a week in American high school. This guy is such an ass. How the fuck is he popular? Well, I know the answer to that, it’s because what the author of Mahouka and his characters respect is power. He is the strongest and has the best blood so of course his lessers respect him. These people want to bring back the aristocracy.

Everything about this show is a disgrace. All the characters have failed miserably at being human. Yet that is not what they and the author consider a disgrace. They consider it a disgrace that the characters weren’t strong enough to kill their enemy quickly.

At least we did get one line of genuine self-awareness.

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