Mahouka 06 — Belief in Human Dignity is Terrorism

The final boss in Mahouka: humanists.

I do respect that the author of Mahouka doesn’t even try to camouflage what he believes, just like the people in America who want to make anti-fascism illegal. In the world of Mahouka, having a strong concern for human welfare, values, and dignity is terrorism. Some people are just born better than others, and we have to acknowledge that. Hence why an oligarchy of elite families is the best form of government.

Maybe that also has something with why you should marry your siblings. Then your children can inherit the best blood… twice!

Lusting after your Brother

Miyuki would be a lot less creepy if she just wanted to suck her brother’s dick. But her level of worship is terrifying. It’s like she’s been brainwashed.

She becomes enraged if someone even lightly suggests that Tatsuya may not be God:

She is ready to commit murder when any other girl gets near him:

(Of course, every single girl has to give Tatsuya chocolate.)

But of course it is just a pure sibling relationship! How dare you suggest otherwise!

They are siblings!

Just normal siblings!


Normal siblings!

Normal siblings!

Further Thoughts

Of course Tatsuya spots the spy satellite watching him from orbit.

Ugh why…. I knew this was coming, but she even sees exactly what he’s like and still…?

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