Mahouka 11 – 12 Notes

Holy shit how can an anime suck this much?

Episode 11


  • Tatsuya attempts to praise somebody. Of course it ends up turning into a long lecture about how Tatsuya could do it better. Cue several minutes of magical gibberish. Tatsuya can better understand what this guy’s family spent hundreds of years learning in a couple seconds.



  • Talking about the other guy’s struggles. Jesus I can’t make this shit up. What a dipshit, I have never seen an anime character so completely full of himself.
  • Everyone’s eyes are always glued to Tatsuya, regardless of who’s speaking.


  • Tragic. I’m crying guys. Tatsuya points out that he planned her strategy though so she should still be able to win without him.


  • Even when we’re battle-surfing which would normally be cool the anime has to ruin everything by having Tatsuya explain the magic spells they’re casting in inordinate and pointless detail. Just in case we forgot that Tatsuya has super magical observation skills. I don’t give a crap about the details of fortifying or vibration magic. Fuck you, Tatsuya. Seriously. I get it, Mari is a brilliant strategist, because she splashed the other battlesurfers with water. Truly a brilliant strategy.


  • All the important adults leading the country consider Tatsuya their friend. This asshole who doesn’t even know how to talk to people. I’m gonna barf.
  • Do they think anyone seriously gives a fuck about this magic BS? Come on. Half the show is basically shouting random gibberish. It’s world-building guys! Just like that other super detailed brilliant anime Horizon.


  • Ah, I see. Tatsuya is too awesome to compete in the tournament. If he played sports it would be giving away military secrets. That explains why he didn’t just win the tournament all by himself.


  • … what? You didn’t collapse from the heat because you were wearing glasses? What the hell is up with this dialog…?


  • Just in case we still didn’t realize how good Mari was. 100 to 30. Close match there. This event is really boring too. It’s just lots of clay pigeons exploding in midair.
  • What a shocker, one person from their school didn’t win. Oh, Tatsuya didn’t adjust their CAD for them. That explains it.
  • Tatsuya scolds Miyuki for visiting his hotel room to pass him a message. Because girls shouldn’t be out at night, it’s dangerous! Even with a fine gentleman like Tatsuya who’s her brother, people might get the wrong idea.
  • That’s right, Miyuki is more important to Tatsuya than a computer program. My heart is fluttering with this intense romance~~~ Miyuki says she loves Tatsuya more than anything! That’s why she killed him a while back.


  • Keeping it classy with the ladies, Tatsuya’s first concern is that other people might see them show some skin! And they might get unwholesome thoughts, unlike a fine gentleman such as Tatsuya! It’s hilarious how they need Tatsuya to comment on every female’s clothing like he’s their father.
  • Leo gets to be Tatsuya’s guina pig. Whoop-de-doo.

For crying out loud. This episode was pathetic, even by Mahouka’s pathetic standards. How could anyone write such a goddamn boring episode? Who thought it would be a good idea to have the entire sports festival consist of narration “explaining” the various spells people are using instead of actually showing, you know, sports, or just skipping it entirely? All I got out of this episode was: 1) Tatsuya is perfect at everything, 2) Mari and the president are perfect at everything, but they needs a man like Tatsuya to take care of them, and 3) they are perfect because of magical gibberish. This isn’t world-building, this is world-obfuscating. It’s just assigning names to things that are completely obvious and / or completely irrelevant.

Screw this show. The next episode better get back to dumb Randian crap, Chinese terrorists, “not-incest” and perfect Tatsuya instead of these pointless “explanations” of magic. I couldn’t care less.

Episode 12

  •  Great, just what I wanted to know. More inane details about Fortifying Magic while Leo waves Tatsuya’s fabulous magical rectangle around. Fuck this show.
  • Annnnd now we get one of the most exciting action scenes from all of Mahouka’s run, in which Leo beats up some bales of hay while doing flashy poses and this pumping exciting music plays in the background.


  • Just when I thought we were going to have at least one conversation in this godforsaken show that didn’t revolve around Tatsuya. He carried this new girl to the hospital by himself and stayed with her while she was being treated. What a nice guy, Tatsuya! *blush*


  • … You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Fuck this shit.
  • Obviously, Mari only fell because of foul play. Otherwise she could have easily caught a flying person while racing on a surfboard if someone hadn’t screwed with the surface tension. It’s probably Chinese terrorists! Ooh, actually, it’s Chinese scuba-diving terrorists!
  • Now five minutes talking about how it’s technically possible to cause this accident. Obviously someone tampered with the other person’s CAD and there are spirits in the water. First of all: I don’t give a fuck. Second: Tatsuya’s conspiracy theory is completely ridiculous. This makes less sense than the Benghazi scandal.
  • Part of what makes sports manga fun is having the heroes come from behind and seeing the underdogs win. With Mahouka that’s impossible, because our heroes are perfect. They can’t be the underdogs. So in the sports tournament, they’re already winning with 150% as many points as the other team. The conflict is that they want to guarantee their victory before half the matches are even played. Needless to say, this does not make for a pressing conflict. Actually, I hope they lose. Fuck them.
  • Miyuki got promoted to the other event. “Why me? There are older, more qualified people.” Then Mari answers by telling Tatsuya his little sister can win. Nope, doesn’t even talk to Miyuki directly. Gotta talk to the man. Tatsuya then says it’s possible she can win. So much female autonomy in this show.
  • Someone tries to hire Tatsuya. He’s too popular. Oh but he doesn’t even have his license yet!


  • Everyone loves Tatsuya and his awesome CAD tuning!


  • Ugh. Does anyone give a fuck?


  • Then we spend a couple minute showing the exact dimensions of the scoring area in a 3D cube and how the magic is overlayed. Fuck this.


  • In case that wasn’t enough detail, now we get to learn the indexing system for the different regions of the magic spell. Fuck this. This isn’t a well-thought-out world. This is just a lot of useless information that no one gives a crap about. The author probably wrote some BASIC program and wanted to show off his 1337 haxor skills. He didn’t even use zero-based indexing though. Fucking n00b.
  • Annd they still have several more minutes to spend explaining this game. Fuck.
  • By the way who the fuck is this shotgun girl? I don’t remember her at all.



Welp, I was going to go to episode 14, but I can’t take anymore. Maybe there’ll be another post another day. If I can stomach anymore. Seriously, how can anyone make an anime so awful? I never thought I’d say this, but the first arc was so much better! This is a waste of time. The inverted morality is no longer even an issue, the show is just as boring as it is possible to be.

13 thoughts on “Mahouka 11 – 12 Notes

  1. “Horizon bashing”

    At least Horizon was entertaining in its incomprehensibility and at least tried to be fun. Mahouka is…something else entirely.

    1. Oh yeah, Horizon is way better than this crap, not going to disagree with that. At least in Horizon the meaningless explanations were always about different things instead of regurgitating the same nonsense over and over again. And as much as I hate Horizon, I wouldn’t accuse it of being boring. Things actually happened in that show.

    1. Wat? There are plenty of far worse anime than Mahouka. Why do you think it deserves a special treatment? xD

      1. Lol. I thought Mahouka was all about special treatment. (Okay I have no idea, I just read Mahouka posts because I enjoy bloggers suffering.)

    1. “Much more entertaining than the show itself” is not much of a compliment, but I’ll take what I can get…

  2. “He didn’t even use zero-based indexing though. Fucking n00b.”

    Or he wrote Fortran rather than BASIC and didn’t know any better. Still a n00b though.

  3. Actually, I could accept Tatsuya being this ubermensch-magician-something and he even has a secret identity and whatever. He wants to keep the actual extent of his abilities a secret but gets dragged into events that force to use his stupidly overpowered abilties… It would still be a bullshit-story but it would be at least somewhat acceptable.

    But Tatsuya is just nonchalantly showing off his ubermensch-status. And he does it with this unlikeable smug confidence that’s just condescending. But this stupid series actually applauds EVERYTHING Tatsuya does. Instead of letting him deal with consequences or conflicts, he’s just earning praise for somehow being incapable of any wrongdoing. How could anyone have ever thought that this could be entertaining for someone?!

    And all the other characters are forced to grovel at Tatsuya’s feet and thank him for being in his presence.

    It was also terrible how when Tatsuya meets his “army-buddies” who are all quite influential, powerful and whatnot, they are exclusively men… but there’s a woman present to serve tea, of course!

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