Akame ga Kill! — First Impressions


Our hero joins a merry band of assassins.

I love this manga so it’s no surprise that I love the anime as well.

Ok, to be fair, the adaptation itself kind of sucks. It should have been way better than this. I’m not a fan of Tatsumi’s voice, the animation isn’t that great, and the direction isn’t particularly inspired. Like how the guard suddenly starts telling some guy he met an hour ago things that could get both of them killed if it were overheard. Sure, that’s how the manga did it, but there’s no excuse not to take some creative liberty to improve things for the animated format.

Also, I do not like how they portrayed the assassination run. I think it’s supposed to be cool when they’re standing in the sky together but it’s just cheesy. In the manga the author did a great job playing with the lighting and facial expressions to make the cutesy character designs look badass when they’re fighting. But in the anime their idea seems to be to just make it dark so it’s hard to see things.


Next, there’s the drastic shifts in tone. One second the guy’s best friend is tragically dying (these two weren’t well enough established to have the kind of impact their death had in the manga, although maybe I just already knew what was going to happen) and then the next second they’re telling dumb jokes.

Finally, all the humor kind of sucks. When you’ve just seen a warehouse full of tortured corpses and your best friend just died, some dumb gay implications joke doesn’t really work. Not that it would be funny normally, but…

Hmm it seems like I only said bad thing about this anime. But I honestly did enjoy it. Why…? Hmm… well… it has great shipping? That part hasn’t started yet though so I don’t know. Come to think of it, I was thinking of dropping this manga after the first chapter. Not the most convincing argument, but maybe it gets better? I don’t know. Well I’ll continue watching regardless.

15 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill! — First Impressions

  1. Wow, talk about ambivalence 🙂

    Nonetheless i liked the adaptation, fight scenes could have been better but most of the criticisms you mentioned are there in the original manga itself.

    1. Yeah haha. Am totally ambivalent about this one. I still like the manga despite all the criticisms I have, so I’ll keep watching. Can’t wait for the shipping to start. 🙂

  2. I felt like this was a very generic shonen beginning that tries to be EDGY and DARK. It’s the kind of thing I would have probably loved as a teen, now I can see why it can be liked but it’s a bit ‘meh’ to me. Mostly because it didn’t carry the black humour far enough to come back round the clock and be funny again.

    1. The latter parts of the manga become less standard, and actually do get a bit dark, although there’s no way I’d call it edgy haha. When we move past the one-bit enemies things will get more interesting. But yeah, still very shounen, and not what I’d consider black humor. It’s never all that funny in general.

  3. The weird shift of genre, which is flipping back forth, is certainly this anime’s main weakness and downfall (?)
    We saw the main guy turned SD as he was kicked out.
    We saw his various weird expressions as he was cheated in the bar.
    We saw Akame’s cutesy face several times, where we usually only see in omake.
    Is this kind artstyle appropriate for a story where the protagonist’s friends, who were going merry and throwing fun at each other a moment ago, were brutally tortured and murdered?
    I don’t think so.
    If anything, they cancel out and ruined each other.
    Just like when you mix ice coffee and hot coffee together, they turned into something undrinkable.
    It makes me hard to laugh at the jokes, and It makes me hard to have sympathy at the tragedy.

    1. Yeah, it definitely jumps around a lot in style. I think it could work with the shifts in style (it isn’t as bad in the manga) but this episode jumped around way too quickly for it to be effective. Higurashi does the same thing with shifts in style from cutesy to dark, and there the cutesy parts make the dark parts even more terrifying. The same cannot be said of Akame ga Kill however…

  4. Soundtrack sounds great. Animation was hit and miss, hoping they save the budget for the best fights. Would be nice if the art got better gradually in the anime like it did in the manga too. Never really got hooked on the series until further in when the two night raid members died and the Jaegars got introduced.

    1. “…and the Jaegars got introduced.”

      So is this going to turn into Pacific Rim, or an Attack on Titan themed sit-com?

      1. Oops. My bad. Those are Mikasas.
        I kind of dislike that manga now.
        Seeing how the experienced soldiers died left and right, while our group of teenagers have plot armor protecting them.

    2. Yeah, the soundtrack was pretty good. I really got hooked on the manga about the same time, hope it doesn’t take too long to get there.

  5. so what? I don’t mind the anime one bit, it shows the real nature of the aristocrats and other upper class humans although it’s a dark fantasy anime. It’s all the more reason to arouse the hatred towards the nobility and the rich.

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