Mahouka S2 04 — Rape is a Joke

Tatsuya easily defeats Lina. Soon she will betray America for the sake of his amazing cock.

But for now, Tatsuya claims he doesn’t want to be her enemy after he shoots her.

Then he forcibly pins her to the ground.

We get a first person perspective as he pins her body down and grasps for her face. Sexy….??????

She screams for help and we immediately switch to a joking chibi face. Because rape accusations are a joke. Clearly Tatsuya wasn’t doing anything wrong! Plus, she must have wanted it.

Somehow this leads to a duel between Lina and Imouto.

But Tatsuya has to power up Imouto beforehand by copping a feel of her ass.

I’m with her…

Then it is too dangerous so Tatsuya interrupts the battle.


Then we get the most shocking statement of the episode:

Unbelievable… Tatsuya is so kind… he’s capable of showing compassion for people who aren’t his sister and who he doesn’t want to fuck… Truly a saint. He deserves the Nobel peace prize.

2 thoughts on “Mahouka S2 04 — Rape is a Joke

  1. Pinning someone to the ground is the best possible outcome for a fight and it happens all the time between males. Would it have been better if he’d just punched her lights out? Crying rape is a joke because she knows that he doesn’t have those intentions in mind.

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