Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha — First Impressions

Oh man this was horrible. Not just in the sense that it was boring or uninspired but in the sense that the creators seem to have genuinely mixed up good and evil. The first episode consisted of the main character portrayed as cool while he enjoys torturing people to death and beyond. The episode begins with the main character murdering some poor kid, then resurrecting him so he can murder him over and over again until he surrenders. Then the main character turns him into a zombie and forces his brother to kill him, repeating the same thing. Then he brings his girlfriend (who watched all of this) to meet his parents. The girlfriend describes him as “kind”.

We’re at Shield Hero levels of depravity here and we’re only on the first episode.

Obviously, I have to watch the rest. I’m definitely going to regret it though…

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