Re: Zero S2 — First Impressions

Despair is back.

I forgot how brutal and unforgiving this show is despite the cutesy characters! I’m loving it.

I like the new version of green haired girl lol. Also the new villains are cool.

I think the best part of Re: Zero is Subaru though. Somehow he’s the stereotypical loser protagonist but more so. I think in part what makes him so likeable is just how much he suffers. And he actually is forced to make choices unlike most anime protagonists. Also everyone thinks he is a loser including himself and they don’t have the “this loser is the coolest person ever born” thing going which is what really makes me hate the typical anime protagonist.

He does have terrible taste in women though. Why are you trusting the one character who you know next to nothing about and who doesn’t trust you much at all…

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