Mawaru Penguindrum 03 — Got Milk?

This cow segment was hilarious. How do they come up with this stuff? I can’t believe that the emperor penguin hat thought that Himari drinking milk would convince the brothers, even if all the crazy space ships and whatnot haven’t. What’s even funnier though is that the two brothers still don’t believe in the penguin hat and thought everything was an illusion created by Himari. They’re rather dense.

This whole penguin hat transformation sequence gives off Utena and Star Driver vibes for me- the ritualistic feel to Himari’s shout of “Survival Strategy!”, the music and the rocket ship, and Himari descending the steps. Then we have one part that isn’t always the same, followed by the opening of the trap door and the return to the normal world. I find rituals like these to be quite powerful.

The penguins continue to be amusing, as does the brothers’ stalking. It looks like they may continue to take things further and further to save Himari. I’m still not sold on Ringo though, but it’s getting there. I’m not entirely sure where everything is headed yet (which is probably a good thing). Ringo becoming friends with Himari will definitely spice things up though. I’m curious to see what the penguin hat will have to say about this development in the next episode.

This is stretching things a lot based on no evidence whatsoever, but I’m kind of wondering if we might see some romantic development between Ringo and Shouma. Largely because he wanted to eat her curry and refused to enter her room. Again, this is a huge stretch though. Another thing: why did Kanba hide the family pictures from Ringo? I wonder if there is some secret about their parents.

Giving the teacher a girlfriend was a nice twist as well. Poor Ringo. I suppose her fate did come true, but it’s remarkable that she can still be pleased with how things turned out and happily put a stamp in her diary. The face full of curry (although well deserved) shouldn’t have helped to brighten her day either.

5 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum 03 — Got Milk?

  1. Did you notice the phallic imagery in the transformation sequence? I’m not sure why they did it, but I found that amusing…

    I thought Ringo’s curry monologue was the highlight of the episode. I liked how she went into this long, deep philosophical rant about curry and then says “it’s just curry” when Tabuki compliments her in her dream πŸ™‚

    I’m with you – how do they come up with some of these things? Like those two animated girls on the train signs. Oh, and I can’t forget how much I like the animated background characters. Why waste time illustrating them when walking bathroom-sign-style images will do? LOL

    Interesting observation with the family photos. There very well could be a potential plot point in there…

    I hope they find out about the Penguin drum soon. I agree this episode’s twist is nice, but I’m ready to see what this thing is and if it is in fact the diary (has that been confirmed?)

    1. Yes, there’s certainly a lot of imagery in that sequence… It hasn’t been “confirmed” that the diary is the Penguin drum, but it seems to be the obvious conclusion. In a show like this, though, I doubt being “obvious” holds much weight.

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