Merry Christmas! — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #12

First, let me list the runner-ups:

  • Overlord: when the beast from the forest appears.
  • Oregairu: every single glorious moment.
  • Shirobako: every single glorious moment.
  • Sidonia: every single glorious moment.
  • Chaos Dragon: when that girl comes back to life just so the kid can kill her again and suffer more.
  • Rokka no Yuusha: every other episode.

Honestly, some of these series had better moments than some of the ones I picked, but they had so many great moments I couldn’t pick just one. Today’s moment comes from another series with too many amazing moments to pick just one. But this series I couldn’t let pass, so I picked one anyways.

The series I speak of is, of course, Cross Ange. Like anyone imagined I would forget one of the best anime of the year. I’m going to pick the end of Nunally’s story arc.


As you’ll recall, Nunally quickly turned from an innocent wheelchair imouto to a cruel dominatrix who abused Ange and friends. Then the revolution came about, and a mob attacks her with pitchforks in the palace. Fortunately Ange comes to the rescue.






Poor Nunally.







And then she stands up and runs down the hallway… Simply glorious.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #12

  1. That was one of the best moments in the show. Cross Ange was a bit too much for me at times, but I still really liked how the writers just didn’t care. Anything could happen.

    1. Yeah, I love the kind of anime where anything can happen. That’s pretty much why I got into anime in the first place with Code Geass.

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