Mirai Nikki 03 — Skeletons in the Closet

This is more like it. We took a step back, slowed down and fleshed out both Yukiteru and Yuno some more.

A Date

I liked how the creators used the trip to the amusement park. They took time to slow down and flesh out the two leads. Here are some things we learned about them:

  • Yukiteru isn’t quite as innocent as he appears. In his monologue at the beginning, while waiting for Yuno to come back with ice cream, he imagines all the people on the ride falling to the ground and going “splat.”
  • He is pretty cowardly though. Afraid of roller coasters and haunted houses. He’s even afraid to go out with his swimsuit on.
  • But he does have a sense of adventure. When Four says that he has a mission for them, Yuki says “A mission?! Cool!” enthusiastically. Of course his excitement wears thins when he discovers what the mission is, and gets dragged around unwillingly by Yuno, but still…
  • His inexperience dealing with people leaves him quite awkward, for example when he told Yuno in the pool “lots of people pee in places like this!”
  • We already knew this, but Yuno is trying to seduce him quite actively. Losing her swimsuit, clinging to him in the haunted house, and more.

We also have some idea of why Yuno is interested in Yukiteru (although as Yuno says, this isn’t the whole story). I can’t believe Yukiteru actually agreed to marry her though. Bad decision.

Into the Closet

This was where the shit really hit the fan in the manga too, and the animated version didn’t disappoint. We spent half the episode making Yuno appear all innocent and girly, so when Yuki opens the closet it’s even more shocking. The chase back home is exhilarating, and it looks like he’s lost Yuno. But when that mail slot opens… that was well done, I jumped even though I knew it was coming.

Minene’s Troubles

Again, this was pretty creepy. The eyeball was gross, even though fortunately they didn’t show the worst part. I never want to get a dart thrown in my eye.  Or have my eyeballs removed from their sockets.

The way they revealed Minene’s drug induced state was nice as well. 1, 2, 3 and a snap of the fingers, and her cellphone transforms into a piece of wood.

Anyway, this episode did well at building up the atmosphere: the more innocent scenes at the amusement park, although with an undercurrent of something being horribly wrong, juxtaposed with sheer terror.

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7 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 03 — Skeletons in the Closet

  1. The extra bit on Minene’s (failed) escape was a nice addition not from the manga, but how the animators inserted it was weird. We get the night scenes, then reversed back to the day at the park, and then back to the night.

    1. Ah, I didn’t remember it from the manga, that must be why. I didn’t notice the shift from night and day at the time, but yeah, now that you mention it, that was kind of odd.

  2. this episode is really good..

    at first you’d feel relax ’cause Yuki&Yuno were on the amusement part. as if something could happen there… i practically laughed at Yuki for being a real coward there but when he said something like: “You’re still hiding something from me, aren’t you?” to Yuno, you’ll just get the hint that he isn’t as innocent as we’d think..

    while the second half of the episode just gave out all the things could possibly creep us out and get everyone thinking. I mean there’s this diary holder who helped Minene (and what he just did to Minene’s eye O.O) && everyone’s favorite part: Yuno’s house and how she creeped Yuki (and everyone watching) by following Yuki and saying Good Night through the mail slot (this just creeps me out even though how many times I play it back).

    1. Yeah, the contrast is what really makes it work: the first half is all peaceful and cheeful with the date. Then the second half comes with Yuuno peeking through the mailbox. It’s much more pwoerful because of what they did in the first half.

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