Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 02 — Moons of Mass Destruction

Now this is more like it! It seems that the fears of excessive fanservice were misplaced.

Fam Fan Fan

I’m starting to really like her. She’s earnest and straightforward, and just a little bit full of herself. I like this scene in particular, where they are talking about the older sister and how she chose Fam to go to the capital:

Ya’ think so? I love how Fam says it with such a straight face, as if she’s complimenting the princess and not herself.

You can see more of this with how she decides to rename the captured ship after herself. I agree with Milia though: Fam Fan Fan is a terrible name.

Even though she’s a tad full of herself, Fam isn’t self-centered by any means. She relies and trusts Giselle completely, and is willing to go out of her way to help Milia. So quite a likable character, with a flaw, but not a crippling one.

Epic Battles

The battle this episode was a lot of fun. I love the animation, how they make the ships only in CG, like they did with the original Last Exile. Coupled with the clouds, lighting effects and animated characters, the animation is stunning.

It’s not like the battles have brilliant strategies or anything, but there’s just a little bit of planning that you can tell went into it. All the beam spam and explosions are fun as well. I liked how the plan failed, because of a single person who massacred the entire flagship’s crew from the inside. How’d he do that? I feel like I should remember from the original Last Exile, but it’s been a long time since I watched it.

I liked the flight into the belly of the ship as well. Fam and Giselle are putting Luke Skywalker to shame.

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