Fate / Zero 04 — Arrival of the King

This sure looks pretty.



So let me get this straight. The heroic spirit Assassin, who is pretending to be dead, is sent to observe the battle. And he is spotted by a human, without a disguise or anything. To make things even better, Assassin doesn’t spot the other human watching from the roof below him.

I think this goes to show that a) the spirit of the future Kiritsugu should enter the Holy Grail War as the heroic spirit Assassin, and b) Kirei’s servant is grossly incompetent. Their entire trick was blown before the first battle even started? This is not what I would consider a legendary quality of assassin.


I complained before about Rider and Waver, but really, they’ve been carrying the show for two weeks now. Rider is worried about his opponents losing because he wants to face them himself? He stops right in the middle of the battle with his chariot, and announces his true name to everyone.  Normally a character as pathetic as Waver would be annoying, but it works quite well when he’s paired with someone as outlandish as Rider. Him getting dragged along on top of the bridge was the icing on the cake.

The Battle

The battle between Saber and Lancer really was gorgeous. This is probably one of the nicest looking TV anime I’ve ever seen. I love how they handle the lighting.

The true identity of Lancer was revealed, as Diarmuid of the love spot.

One thing that’s kind of odd about Fate / zero is how the characters talk about things like it’s an RPG. Saber has “all A-level abilities”, Lancer has the “charm ability”, and so on. I can’t really think of why they’d want to do that. For me, at least, it breaks the atmosphere.

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11 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 04 — Arrival of the King

  1. I also thought that Waver was going to be really annoying, but Rider is the best new character, so it works out. So much lulz to be had with this guy, and we’re only four episodes in!

  2. This is not what I would consider a legendary quality of assassin.

    I know, right? Unless this is Kirei’s way of screwing Tohsaka’s plans. But really now, this is too dumb.

    Rider is definitely the best character. I’d totally watch a spin off with him and Waver doing crazy things. At least it won’t be boring.

  3. The reason for what happened with Assassin is:
    Normally Assassin would stay in spirit form and combine that with its presence concealment ability that keeps servants and mages from sensing it, to be completely hidden from everyone.In this case though, Kirei is using a spell to see through Assassin’s eyes and report to Tokiomi on the progress of the fight, so Assassin has to stay material. Emiya noticed him because he suspected someone would use that crane and because he is pro like that 😛 Assassin didn’t notice Emiya because he is pro and well hidden, but he will notice him if Emiya does something obvious like shoot at Lancer’s master. Thus, Kiritsugu decides not to take the shot and just let saber fight.

    1. So basically it’s Kirei who is an idiot for sending Assassin to spy with that spell, not Assassin himself? Either way, he doesn’t seem like a very great assassin if a human can sneak up on him…

  4. Really I’m getting tired of almost everyone talking down about assassin. Next time if this website do a review please do little more research before complaining about a character. Thank you takashid for defending assassin.

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