Mirai Nikki 05 — Go Go Power Rangers

I feel like I never have anything to say about this show except “Crazy people! This is awesome!”.

Twelfth — Last and Least

Not all diary holders are made equal. And Twelth is certainly among that group.

Come on. I mean, he wears a paper bag over his head and plays at being a power ranger? The ‘Diary of Righteousness’? At least he didn’t last long.

One thing I do like about this show is how most of the characters don’t actually want to win the game and become God. They just keep doing what they would have done anyway, but with supernatural aid. Twelve fits in this pattern, along with Yuno, Yukkiteru, and Fourth.

Goodbye Sixth

She wasn’t here for long, and she won’t be missed much, but Sixth was decent while she lasted. The whole backstory with the ball and her tragic past were yawn inducing, but bearable. I did like the twist they pulled with her at the end though. It’s pretty similar to Yuno, except they didn’t give any hint of her true leanings until it was too late.

It was a bit unbelievable (ok, completely unbelievable), but who cares? Mirai Nikki’s appeal does not include logic.

Still, Sixth did fulfill a useful purpose: to make Yukkiteru trust Yuno again. Sixth appeared much more innocent than Yuno, but ended up being equally deranged. Yuno, at least, is crazy about protecting Yukki, albeit in her own messed up way. I can only imagine that by the end of the game Yukkiteru will have developed some profound gynophobia.

Also, I love a jealous Yuno. That scene where Sixth was dragged into the wall was much more funny than it should have been. Not to mention Yukkiteru getting dragged in opposite directions by the two girls. What a player!

Yukkiteru also is starting to become less of a sniveling coward. Ok, well he’s still sniveling, but he’s doing it while he’s running to save Yuno, not when he’s running in the opposite direction.

Ninth and Fourth

(Spoiler Alert) This is something I don’t entirely understand myself. Pairing up ninth and fourth makes absolutely no sense.  One is a cop and the other is a terrorist. But it works so well. Honestly, they are my favorite couple in the series, above even Yuno and Yukki.

Opposites attract, I suppose. But I think part of it is that there’s just so much tension undergirding their relationship. Star-crossed lovers and all that.

Dismemberment and Rape

These sure are popular topics lately. Not that I’m complaining. I love crazy people. With Mirai Nikki, C^3, and Penguindrum, this has been a pretty good season for insanity. And for dismembered limbs.

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6 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 05 — Go Go Power Rangers

  1. I hope Ninth and Fourth last a long while, if only to lurk in the shadows, cuz they are somewhat good foils for Yukiteru & Yuno.

    Excellent episode that wrapped up the plotlines from episode 4, excellent growth on Yukiteru’s part, and getting rid of two so-so Future Diary contestants with 9 players remaining, 7 new ones to go!

  2. Haha, Ninth and Fourth, what? I really shouldn’t be as surprised as I am that people are shipping it, but the thought still disturbs me. FYI, Fourth has a family, and he has ulterior motives related to them which is why he’s teaming up with Ninth in the first place. No real romantic tension between them, although Minene WILL have some romantic tension with another cop later on…

    1. Oh you’re right! It’s been so long since I read this that I completely forgot: it’s not Fourth but some other cop! Oops. Anyway, it’s that guy that I’m shipping. 🙂

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