Fate / Zero 06 — Reckless Driving

This is more like it! The war is finally getting going.

Problem: Your series is slow and filled with talking heads.


  1. Explosions.
  2. Murder.
  3. Betrayal.

This never fails. Unless you’re Guilty Crown.


What a great scene at the hotel. Waver’s teacher is inside, sipping wine in his penthouse suite, confident that no one will reach him through all the traps that have been laid. And no one does. After making sure that everyone has evacuated, Kiritsugu simply levels the entire building. He doesn’t even need his servant or magic to win the Holy Grail war!

Speaking of which, Kirei doesn’t seem to need his servant to win either. If he had gone to fight Gilgamesh himself, I don’t think the result would be quite so one-sided.

I doubt Lancer’s master is dead yet though. Waver’s got to be the one to take down his teacher, and that woman was just introduced. My understanding is that she provides the mana, he provides the command seals. What exactly is their relationship though? They didn’t seem to be on the best of terms. Co-workers at the magic school?

Serial Killers

So Chibinium was right last week: Caster thinks Saber is Joan d’Arc.Why? Is is it just because they look the same?

In a universe where King Arthur is present a thousand years after death, however, I’m inclined to think it isn’t a coincidence. Could Saber have been summoned as a Heroic Spirit in France while Caster was alive?

Speaking of which, I wonder why Caster is so obsessed with Joan. Is it because he loves her and wants to serve her once again, or because he loves her and wants to burn her at the stake himself?

Either way, this “Babel Tower of corpses” is going to be fun.


Gilgamesh’s betrayal of Tohsaka is coming into place now. The reason: because he’s “boring.” I have to agree with Gilgamesh for once. Tohsaka certainly is boring.

Kirei’s conversation with Gilgamesh was pretty interesting. What does Kirei wish for? He doesn’t even know himself.

It looks like we’re in for a session of teaming up on Caster next week. I hope he doesn’t die first. He definitely has the potential to spice things up. The teaming up makes you think about the original Fate / Stay Night though: why didn’t Kirei do the same thing to stop Caster and Rider when they began to murder people? I suppose it speaks to his character.

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10 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 06 — Reckless Driving

  1. Yeah, I do not think that Waver’s teacher died that easy. Man, has more tenacity than a cockroach I am sure of it. Too bad Lancer is so honorable for El-Melloi’s standards. As for the woman, Sola-Ui, I think they are husband and wife as mentioned or at least engaged to each other. I think Sola’s family are part mage or something…

    I just love Gilgamesh’s character. He might not be an honorable king, but at least he one of the most truthful and upfront ones. A true manipulator that does not need to hide behind very many tricks instead of his own cunning.

    1. Guardian Enzo pointed out something which cast the scene with El-Melloi and his wife in a new light: Lancer’s mole. All women (who don’t have Saber’s magic resistance) are cursed to fall in love with him. That would definitely help to explain the awkward relationship between them if they are husband and wife.

      And yeah, Gilgamesh is pretty badass.

      1. Regarding Lancers mole: In the Light Novel it was Irisviel who first noticed the charm magic and says something like” it is not polite to charm a married women” She resisted it. You essentially need hight magic resistance (mainly used by servants cuz humans cant really be compared to servants in this mater) OR strong will. So you really have to be devoted for your true love to neglect Lancers charm.

        So in short Sola could resist it but to putt it simple she wants to fall for Lancer and wont resist.

        And this will have a HUGE effect on the Kayneth – Lancer – Sola triangle. (around 10-11 episode this season)

        1. Thanks for the explanation, I knew that Saber’s magic resistance could nullify it, but come to think of it, Irisviel didn’t fall for it either.

          I’m looking forward to seeing where this triangle goes!

    1. Ah ok. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Lancer’s mole would explain why they aren’t getting along so well at the moment.

      Jean and Saber do look pretty similar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. >Speaking of which, I wonder why
    >Caster is so obsessed with Joan.

    Gilles de Montmorency-Laval (1404–1440), Baron de Rais, was a Breton knight, a leader in the French army and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. After Joan was executed he lost interest in his military career, and became a child murderer, offering sacrifices in the basement of his castle in order to please demons. Now Caster (Gilles) thinks he can have the love of his life back – and with it, his reason for existing.

    1. Right. I’m just wondering if the child murders and his devotion to Joan are related. Does he want to murder her the most? Or did being a murderer just become his fallback plan once she died?

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