Mirai Nikki 06 — Special Delivery

Yuno pays a visit to Yuki’s house to meet his parents. By breaking and entering. Unfortunately for Yukiterru, his mom and Yuno get along quite well.

For any other show, I would be complaining about how silly and cliched this is.

Insanity Makes Everything Better

But for Mirai Nikki, I don’t mind. Why? Because Yuno is insane, and that makes things much more interesting. Yuki’s attempts to prevent the “girlfriend” from meeting his mom takes on much deeper significance when she looks like this while pushing out of the closet:

Do not let the monster out of the closet.

And not only does Yuki’s mom’s acceptance of Yuno make Yuno happy, the mother’s very life is in the balance:

There’s much more at stake in these sudden girlfriend appearance hijinks: the family’s very existence hangs in the balance. There’s the normal conflict of whether the new couple will be accepted and how their relationship will develop. But there’s also this building tension in the background: when will Yuno snap and use her tools?

Other Thoughts

  • It’s an interesting choice with how they pixellate Ninth’s eye. They have three options: a) don’t show it at all (eyepatch), b) show it, c) censor it. Choice (b) is out of the question for television, and I at least sure don’t want to see it. They’ll use the eyepatch for the rest of the series. So why pixellate here? On one hand, it does communicate quite clearly that it must look gross in there. But it’s also distracting and tears your mind away from the show.
  • A prophecy has been made! The question is, will Yuki still be alive when Yuno sleeps with him?

  • I am amazed that he can fall asleep at all in this situation. And I will say they held themselves back a bit from the usual path this scene takes: I was half expecting Yukitteru to wake up to find Yuno in the bed with him.

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2 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 06 — Special Delivery

  1. i really like this episode.. though i was sadden by Minene’s eyes being pixelated 😛

    also, Yuki’s mom is so carefree it’s weird && i wasn’t expecting Yuki to actually be able to sleep with Yuno in the same room…

    plus, I LOL at the first images, the toilet paper :))) Yuki wasn’t reading his diary thoroughly, ’cause it was actually written.

    1. I personally don’t want to see her eye. I know, I’m a wuss. 🙂

      And yeah, Yuki needs to pay more attention to his diary. This situation could have easily been avoided. Maybe he subconsciously wants it…

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