Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 05 — Fashion Show

I’m starting to get into this show. It’s utterly adorable.


Normally I am the type of person who will only buy new clothes when my old ones develop holes. So I would usually not notice these kinds of things. But the costumes used in this show look really cool! Look at just this one scene, for example: the crowd at the empress’ announcement of the annexation.

This is ridiculous. We have a few guys in suits (all with different neck ornaments, and one in a skirt of sorts). Two women don that ‘T’ shaped hairstyle (front and middle) but completely different dresses. One guy in the middle wears a turban with some cloth over his left shoulder. The woman in the front right wears a bib. The guy on the front left dresses in a black sailor hat, some ornament around his neck, and a sash wrapped around his midsection. The woman in the middle looks like a witch but with twintails and a kimono.  And about fifteen other people in back have unique clothes as well.

Look at how much variety there is. But here’s the most amazing thing: these people show up for all of five seconds! They hardly matter at all!  And yet the creators have put so much effort into their clothes.

The same can be said of the main characters. Fam and Giselle’s trademark tan and pink jackets look fabulous. Notice the small details: the zipper, the four buttons, the hooks and the large and fluffy rim around the head.

This episode had them dressing up in the uniform of the Ades federation. And man are these uniforms badass:

It’s a combination of a German SS uniform and a kilt! How manly can you get? Those sporrans don’t look big enough to hold much down, if you catch my drift.

The big brass in the Ades federation wear yet another uniform. This one looks like the British red coats except with spiky hats.

Then there’s the empress’ costume. Look at that knot on her chest. Crazy. And the enormous headgear. But also note her hair. It’s also tied in knots, with some flower circlets. She’s not the only character with an awesome hairdo either. Millia and Giselle have some serious braiding as well as distinctive hair ornaments. And Fam’s disheveled look is unique in and of itself.

One last uniform, although I could go on talking about this forever. The ship’s uniform looks German in nature as well. Black, with a bit of red and white. There’s what looks like a monocle tied to the belt. Definitely fitting for the crew of a U-boat.

Odds and Ends

  • Understatement of the year.
  • Giselle is officially my favorite character. Her takeover of the ship was awesome. The nerds shall inherit the earth.
  • I like how the mechanics are all lolicons.
  • Even the boss is a lolicon, embarrassed to look up Giselle’s skirt like that.
  • Are Giselle, Fam and Millia actually lolis though? They seem to have developed in certain areas. I’m pretty confused about their age, actually.

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7 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 05 — Fashion Show

  1. To whit, Fam, Giselle, and Milia are all apparently fifteen, but because they’re drawn so short (remember, Claus was at least Dio’s height) it’s easy to think they’re younger.

  2. Excellent analysis of the costumes in this episode, Draggle, and you did not even Millia’s rather conventional maid outfit! With your yuri post last week and your fashion post now you are really opening my eyes for this show!

    Btw, the spiky hats remind of German military and police hats around WW I (cf. for example ).

    1. I think the obvious yuri shipping here is Fam and Millia.

      And wow, that hat looks exactly like the officer’s. I can’t believe anyone would wear something so dorky looking.

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