Mouretsu Pirates 05 — Archimedes’ Mirror

This was more like it! An actual battle, where something didn’t go according to plan!

I think part of what has been bothering me so far about this show is that there haven’t been any surprises. Everything has gone perfectly as planned up to this point. And the characters are so smug about it and so full of themselves! This particularly applies to the two teachers and the president.

So I loved seeing the president get put in her place this episode! When they turned off their computer, she had no idea what to do. And the two teachers, who thought they had everything under control, find themselves under fire. They call in the reinforcements, but it would have been too late. Marika is the one who saves them by quickly improvising Archimedes’ mirror. She is captain material, much more so than the president and even more capable than the two teachers.

With Marika’s decision to become the captain, and how this episode picked up the pace, I’m much more enthusiastic about where this show is headed.

It turns out that Chiaki is the heir to another group of space pirates, who came along to check Marika out. I guess the pirates work together a lot, and Chiaki will be training under Marika?

One final thought: skirts seem quite awkward in space. While travelling through these tunnels, they’re staring straight up each other’s skirts.

11 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 05 — Archimedes’ Mirror

  1. One final thought: skirts seem quite awkward in space.

    Tights or leggings would have been hot. And the element of surprise is something notable. If we begin to rely on everything going as planned, unexpected chaos will be much more effective, but hopefully not melodramatic. I’m thrilled if Satou is taking that into consideration.

    1. Tights or leggings would have been hot.

      Definitely. I guess(?) part of the charm is supposed to be how ridiculous the miniskirts are, though?

      The first four episodes had pretty much no surprises, so let’s hope he keeps this up.

      1. >Tights or leggings would have been hot.

        >Definitely. I guess(?) part of the charm is >supposed to be how ridiculous the miniskirts are, >though?

        I second to both opinions. If I remember correctly, this show is also called “Miniskirt pirates” in Japan. I like that Marika will combine her pirate outfit w/ her school uniform skirt, as indicated in the OP/ ED.

        The miniskirts are the currently the main reason why I’m following this show. And the soundtrack. This ep. however, has been much better than the ones before with this giggly pyjama-party-in-a-girls-school atmosphere.

        1. A giggly pajama party is an excellent way to describe it! Thank goodness it’s been interrupted, and let’s hope it doesn’t start again.

  2. “I loved seeing the president get put in her place this episode!”

    Same here! Her reaction when she was told that the other ship was manually aiming the guns was hilarious, like she’d been told that they eat out of dumpsters or something. XD

    1. Your description (re: eating out of dumpsters) is spot on, absolutely perfect. I give full credit to the show for exploring the “What happens if they just pull out the power cord?” option – it’s more intelligence than I’d expect from most shows. The pacing is an interesting decision, but they must have some really insane space battles planned where viewers will need all this in their heads to follow properly…

  3. Marika! You are sooooo fun to watch every week, I am so excited for the next episode! Thanks to all that pirate gear she gets to finally wear. So using the sun to blind the Lightning 11 crew? Really amazing! I have stated a few times on my usual blogs that I would have laughed if Marika used the sails to bounce the laser back at them….man I would have died laughing if she did that…

    Chiaki is also cool, but I wonder what happens now with her? She has her own ship to return to now. So does she become friends with Marika? Or will we see her as a rival to Marika? I can see them fighting each other in the future! Either way I can’t wait to see what happens between them.

    Jenny’s reaction to the Lightning 11’s crew for using their eyes was hilarious xD

    1. Haha, my first thought was also that she was going to bounce their laser back, since she said it had “100% reflection”. That would have been hilarious.

      I’m hoping Chiaki joins the crew, just so we get to see her more. She’s my favorite character.

  4. Lol, I never thought about that aspect of skirts in space. They’re all girls though, so the only person they would need to worry about is the fake teacher.

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