Mirai Nikki 17 — Going Out in Style

Marco is awesome. Mainly because he is the first person who tells Yuuki how pathetic he is to his face and wants to screw with him.

He had some great lines at the end too, telling off both Yuuki

and Yuuno. Truer words were never spoken.

Too bad he had to go and trigger a death flag.


Marco had a good point: one of Yuuki’s biggest problems is his failure to take responsibility. He tells Yuuno not to kill people, but has no alternative vision. He simply wants to do nothing at all. What Yuuki fails to realize is that not choosing is also a choice, one that he must accept responsibility for.

Family and Friends

Wow, Yuuki’s dad is pathetic. Not only does he jump out of the building with the only parachute and leave his son to die, he also stabs his ex-wife. I take back all the sympathetic things I said last week.

Yuno and Yuuki’s relationship takes a step forward when Yuuki tells her his true feelings. An excellent question, and arguably the best line of the episode. Yuno doesn’t answer, of course. I’m sure she’ll go back to crazy mode soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 17 — Going Out in Style

  1. I struggled to not say a word when you said Yuki’s father deserved some sympathy last week, hasn’t been easy…

    Who the heck thought of “Family Discount” as the title?

    Then I checked the Japanese title, it’s the same pun being used, with an added bonus that the kanji 割 means both “discount/reduce” and “cut/slash”…

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