Another 05 — Another Failure of an Episode

This was quite possibly the best episode of Another yet. Yet it was another disappointment.

This show just has no clue how to go about building a spooky atmosphere and a genuine mystery. Take the scene with the warning from the teacher. Standing with one eye hidden from view behind the door is NOT creepy! It’s just awkward.

Same with the big chord progression at the end when Mei reveals that the class pretends someone isn’t there. If you were listening to the rest of what she said, that part shouldn’t be particularly surprising…

Ha Ha Ha He Died

Death flag triggered.

I expected him to die, but not that quickly. Why doesn’t our protagonist see the obvious cause and effect here?

This death is just funny, not tragic. I don’t even know if this kid had a name.


So the commenters from a few weeks ago were right, and everyone is just pretending that Mei is dead. Buuut if the legend is to be believed, someone is actually dead (not a ghost: with a real body, but dead…). So the story has become a whodunit. The plot is basically Mafia: will the detectives hang the dead person first, or will the entire class die both from being hung and from the mafia.

Now our protagonist has become dead to the class as well. But since he’s been buried together with a cute girl and is already busy flirting, I don’t feel particularly sorry for him.

Further Thoughts

The main character’s mother seems to have a connection with the deaths. When he mentioned she died fifteen years ago, something seemed to click for the librarian. My guess is that, if anyone is actually dead, it’s the protagonist. Although I doubt anyone is…

A three story private home with an elevator? Here’s to hoping for a repeat of last week.

Needs more Izumi.

9 thoughts on “Another 05 — Another Failure of an Episode

    1. Good point, she is the best thing next to Izumi that this show has going for it. And both of them barely get any screentime…

  1. I’ve actually found all of the deaths pretty amusing, it’s why I’m watching Another. This one was a bit lame though, I had my hopes up considering how downright ridiculous and bloody the first two were, and we get thrown with a simple heart attack.

    1. I found that guy’s friend’s reaction pretty funny though. How it wasn’t “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY GUY HAVING THE HEART ATTACK” but more *stares at Sakakibara* “Look at what you did now!” kinda reaction.

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