Inu x Boku SS 05 — SM

Um… What? This is not what I was expecting.

It was pretty funny though, for being sheer ridiculousness.

I found the trip through the building labeling everything as an S or an M amusing, particularly everyone else’s reactions. Ririchiyo and the tanuki are in shock, Souta is calm and collected, as usual, and Karuta is obliviously snacking away, even as she is put in a collar and maid outfit.

I completely agree with the pronouncement of Souta as the most dangerous type of sadist. The more I see him go into sparkly mode, the more I start to doubt whether it’s genuine or not. Ririchiyo’s concerns from a few episodes ago are beginning to make more sense to me now.

His trademark pose is classy too. Can’t believe this is Ririchio’s fiance. Ok, fine, I can’t believe this guy even exists.

Legendary ED is Legendary

What the hell was this? Whatever it was, it was hilarious. It kind of reminds me of the DMC opening. I particularly liked all the censorship going on in the background.

The funniest part though is how they added S and M labels to the credits. David Production, for example, is a giant M.

Foot Fetish

No new costumes this week, as far as I could tell, aside from loli-Ririchiyo’s school uniform and Karuta’s meido outfit.

Of course, Ririchiyo’s school uniform / lab coat combo continues to be stellar.

But the big themes of this episode were SM and  Ririchiyo’s feet.

Further Thoughts

I don’t have much patience with this “romantic” gobbledygook, so I’m glad they ditched it in favor of SM for the second half.

What could the crypitc message on Ririchiyo’s notebook be?

I agree.

4 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 05 — SM

  1. I really liked loli Ririchiyo in her traditional clothing. The new guy was amusing, but I’m glad he’s not staying around. Saturating a series like this with too many characters usually isn’t a good sign.

    1. Yes, it is a bit worrisome that they keep adding extra characters. Hopefully they’re just establishing the initial cast before they finish.

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