Guilty Crown 16 — Beyond Good and Bad

There’s a point where a show is so bad it’s good. Guilty Crown is way past that point.

The creators of Guilty Crown are trolls. At this point, no other hypothesis makes sense. No one could possibly come up with something so stupid unintentionally. If I were to give the creators the benefit of the doubt and assume that they tried to make a good show, I could only conclude that humanity is irredeemably stupid.


A few days after Hare died, Shuu has become the king of the school. He leads by fear, where those with weak voids are given vaccines only if they work hard. He has already established an efficient state apparatus and forced labor system in the span of days.

Shuu has become a man of deep introspective tragedy (complete with shadow effects). His soul has been deeply wounded by Hare’s death. To make her death not be in vain, he must lead the school as king. To freedom!

Argo, one of Undertaker’s old members has parachuted in to rescue the class president, and we see things through his eyes. If I remember correctly, this guy used to be a joke character, more or less. So it’s hard to take anything he says seriously.

Plus, he’s rescuing the president so that she can enter an arranged marriage with someone in Shanghai, who in exchange can break the siege. Umm… ok? No one could come up with a better excuse?

For freedom and justice, Shuu establishes the SS (complete with red armbands). They inspect the workers and make sure the plebians fulfill their quotas.

Despite not having sufficient vaccines or food, the school is fully equipped with diving gear to salvage shipwrecks. Souta is looking through one shipwreck, when the pump giving him oxygen breaks. The team leader wants to replace the pump. Shuu says that resources can’t be wasted on F ranks, and Souta will have to figure out how to survive by himself. Only a few days ago, Shuu didn’t want to establish this system solely because he cared about Souta.

Argo thinks Shuu is being mean… and asks why Shuu is discriminating.

Dude. Seriously? Discrimination isn’t the problem here. Shuu is about to frickin’ murder someone, and you complain about discrimination? I guess it would be okay with you if he chose people to murder by lottery? That would be fair.

But of course, Shuu isn’t discriminating. Perish the thought! He’s distinguishing.

The Undertaker member gets thrown in prison for disobeying Shuu, but escapes with Tsugumi’s help. He confronts Shuu.

In reference to the above picture, no, we didn’t like the “pale faced weakling struggling with all his might” thing Shuu had going. But it was less ridiculous than this.

Next, in a shocking twist, some random girl has the ceiling fall on her void and she turns to crystal. Hare didn’t die from a biological weapon, but from her void being destroyed. Shuu’s kingdom built on Voids is a kingdom of death!

Queue Imperial March.

Will Shuu need to end his kingdom and his plans to win the war?

Once again, all the characters in Guilty Crown prove that they are complete morons. The problem they see with this situation is not that they are surrounded and running out of food and vaccines. It’s not that Shuu is condemning those with weak voids to death. It’s not that Shuu has established a caste system with forced labor. It’s not that Shuu is rounding up people who disagrees with him and throwing them in prison. It’s that if Shuu starts a war with Voids, people will die from having their Voids destroyed!

Hey guys. If you start a war without Voids, people will die too! *GASP* Guess what? You die not only if your Void breaks, but if your body breaks as well! Our friends in Guilty Crown have managed to settle on complaining about what is perhaps the only “problem” with Shuu’s dictatorship that isn’t actually worth complaining about!

Then Shuu pulls out Argo’s Void, and threatens to break it so Argo will die.

Shuu. Argo is asleep on the floor. There are an uncountable number of other ways you could easily kill him. Slip a knife in his throat. Tie a weight to his leg and toss him in the ocean. Catapult him over the wall. The possibilities are endless. The fact that you can kill him by breaking the Void is not the issue, it’s the fact that you’re planning to kill him in the first place.

Then the best part of the episode: Inori murders the ex-president before she can call for help. Inori is the only thing in this show that’s gotten better since the first episode.

Note: I’m going on a trip this weekend. I’ll be late for the rest of the weekend’s posts, and should start playing catch up Monday evening.

19 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 16 — Beyond Good and Bad

  1. Check teh preview. Arisa’s not dead yet.

    But that begs the question of what the hell Inori did at the end of the episode…and WHY THE HELL did she do it.

    1. I think they hinted that Shu’s sister Mana that Inori was created as a replacement for is starting to awake within her. Like in that scene where Shu said he only needs Inori, she suddenly gives a snide remark and appears to not notice it herself. And that scene at the end gave off the same creepy vibe as Mana.

      1. That makes sense. I kind of wish that Inori herself would just become a crazy murderer though. That would be way more awesome.

    2. Ah, cool. I usually skip previews. I’m disappointed though. :/

      Inori becoming a serial killer would have been awesome.

  2. Haha this post was awesome. Hell your guilty crown posts have been a lot more interesting than the show itself . Though I hope you would drop this and blog something else like natsume or daily dudes .

    1. Personally, I think Natsume’s kind of hard to blog because all you can say about is that it’s good, and Natsume is one of those shows where describing why it’s good doesn’t leave for much discussion or comedy. As you said, Guilty Crown is great to make fun of, even if it has gotten a little too easy to do at this point.

    2. Glad you’re enjoying them. I don’t like to drop things so I’ll stick with Guilty Crown. I’ve only watched the first season of Natsume, so couldn’t comment that. And I wouldn’t have much to say for Daily Dudes.

  3. Sad to say, by this point, I’m so used to Guilty Crown’s shitty-ness that the thing which disappointed me the most was probably that Shu is somehow managing to both be an evil dictator and STILL be the same kinda “pale-faced weakling” as he was before. “A kingdom centred on voids is side-by-side with death!” …because fighting with guns in a locked-down city with a fatal virus going around isn’t side-by-side with death or anything…. >_>

  4. Why do you think the producers are moving the plots (and shu’s character development) this way?

    Because to me it seems pretty random to make the hero an unsympathetic anti-villan (Lelouch might have been an ass-hole, but at least they made us care about him).

  5. Moe moe evil Inori!! I loved that moment and her creepy ass line…”Found….you….” That was pure win <3 that version of Inori…the real question I should ask…was Inori ever there? Maybe Mana was there all along just waiting for the right moment to show herself?

    ZOMBIE GAI WTF…I was 50/50 on them bringing him back, is he the same Gai that Shu knows? Probably not! I just want him to punch Shu so hard…Maybe that will wake him from this evil ways?

    As for Shu…I have no idea if he is truly evil or not, but it seems like Yahiro is the real one in charge around here! And he helped create this new monster version of Shu xD

    1. Shuu is undoubtedly truly evil. He chose to let Souta drown on his own, when Yahiro wasn’t even there. And even if Yahiro was the instigator, Shuu acquiesced to it. If this ends up turning into “Yahiro tricked me!” and Shuu pretending to be a good guy again I will get really pissed. Yet I don’t find this all that unlikely…

      I hope Gai punches Shuu too. And then opens a warp gate and drags Shuu to hell with him.

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