Moyashimon Returns — First Impression

It’s back. Honestly, I’ve entirely forgotten the first season. All I remember is the microbes, the professor, the two older guys and the crossdressing. I’ve completely forgotten the girl who doesn’t know he can see microbes. And all these people look so young. Are they really in college?!

Still, the show’s off to a great start even if I don’t remember who everyone is. Moyashimon does a remarkable job at being relaxing and calm while not being boring. It reminds me of Moshidora: in both shows, we have drama of varying degrees, but it’s never overdone. They manage to convey a slice of a person’s normal life, but avoid being dull like Aria. Plus they have this strange educational component. Moshidora teaches about management, and Moyashimon explains microbes and agriculture. I’ve actually learned a lot from this show.

The first season wasn’t my favorite show ever, but I’m mildly enthusiastic to see a sequel. I doubt I’ll blog this though.

6 thoughts on “Moyashimon Returns — First Impression

  1. I didn’t watch the first season but my impression is that it’s been quite popular. I can’t say I’m impressed w/ this first episode but you are right, Draggle, it’s relaxing and calm while not being boring. I quite like this type of educational shows, Tetsuko no Tabi and Showa Monogatari have been similar. Modest production values, not much of a plot but a few interesting things to learn about Japanese culture. There was also a show called Agricultural Angel Baraki last year but that was a tad too annoying for my taste. I’ll follow this for a while as there aren’t too many exciting shows this season. I’m surprised, though, that this airs in noitaminA.
    Someone in urgent need of this show would be the good people of Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita.

    1. I still need to take a look at Showa Monogatari, it sounds really interesting. Too many new things to watch at the moment though.

      Agricultural Angel Baraki? Wow, that sounds hilarious.

  2. I wish this show skips all that alcohol lecturing and focuses on its strengths more, the characters antics. This episode was a bit too didactic for my liking.

    1. I kind of liked the lecturing. 🙂 But I think they may have done this in the first episode just to give time to people like me who’ve forgotten everything to catch up.

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