No. 6 03 — Let’s Strip

So the BL hints are becoming more and more obvious to the point where it’s hard to deny. Brushing hands, patting heads, looking into each other’s eyes, stripping in front of one another, and mounting each other in bed are just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 6 is also getting too overdramatic for my tastes. You don’t need to grab his neck for everything. I get that Nezumi hates No. 6, but give it a rest already. Shion almost died and just woke up from a three day nap, and you’re strangling him already? Nezumi wants everyone in No. 6 to die. Overthrowing the government is one thing, but declaring Shion his enemy if he tries to stop everyone from dying in a plague?

In spite of Nezumi’s strong rhetoric, however, he does communicate with Shion’s mother and feign concern for his love rival. So clearly there is a bit of posturing going on.

I’m still keeping my hopes up that No. 6 will turn out well. I don’t mind the BL that much, as long as it stays on this level. Things were probably worse in this episode because the only characters, for the most part, were Shion and Nezumi. With the dog girl and some butler guy looking to show up in the next episode, I think things will pick up.

The scene with the bee was pretty good, mounting jokes aside. There was an appropriate intensity to it, even if Nezumi’s reaction wasn’t the most believable. Everyone already knew from the OP that Shion’s hair would turn white, so the effect of that transformation was muted however. I’m not sure why he was so upset over it, he definitely looks cooler now.

The robotic mice are awesome. I hope we can see more of them. They seem more like cyborgs than robots though. But if No. 6 has technology like that, then everyone is screwed. I can’t help but wonder if the bees are the creation of No. 6. As Nezumi so astutely pointed out, Shion and his friend were rogue elements in the city, and Shion was targeted for assassination. He and his friend also became infected with the bees. Coincidence? Regardless, I’m fairly confident that defeating No. 6 won’t be as easy as Nezumi suggests.

4 thoughts on “No. 6 03 — Let’s Strip

  1. You will probably see more robot mice since it’s an integral part of Nezumi’s arsenal. I think that Nezumi’s a bit blinded by his hatred for No. 6. I foresee Shion and Nezumi reaching a middle ground between their two ideals in the near future.

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