Usagi Drop 03 — Playdate with Grandma

You're too young to be my grandmother!

There’s no better way to get on the good side of old ladies than by calling them young. Good work, Rin! You are already a master of social graces at such a young age!

This episode’s main focus was on Rin’s interactions with adults. She’s very shy, but more outgoing once she gets to know people. I can relate, since I used to be quite similar, always hiding behind my parents.

Rin won over her grandparents quite easily, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It seems like her aunt will be a bit harder, but with the grandparents on her side they will browbeat their daughter into submission.

Rin also seems to have built up quite the fear of death at an early age. For a little girl whose father just died, this isn’t all that surprising. It seemed that Daikichi was able to ease her fears a little bit. Rin is also in an awkward stage where she still wets the bed, but is old enough to be embarrassed about it.

Daikichi returns to his grandfather’s house to search for clues as well. He looked like a thief in this scene, he’s lucky none of the neighbors spotted him. I’m guessing that the “maid” is probably Rin’s mother, although this seems to be too obvious a conclusion to actually be correct.

Daikichi has won me over in a big way in these first few episodes. In a medium where everyone gushes over how “kind” boys are for being nice to attractive girls their own age, Daikichi’s kindness is the real deal. He basically put his entire life on hold to take care of a little girl he had no obligation towards. He isn’t the impulsive or rash type either, which makes this all the more admirable. And he’s done an excellent job of raising her so far, although it’s only been a week.


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