No. 6 11 — Drop Dead

Well, this went even worse than I expected.

Let’s Summarize

Shion and Nezumi enter Safu’s room. Safu has become Elyurias. She activates the bee disease and kills everyone in the town square. She tells Shion that No. 6 has done human experimentation and deserves to die (biological weapons are ok though). Shion agrees and tries to destroy No. 6, then and there.

Nezumi is mad that Shion changed. Shion says he was dumb and naive when he wanted to tear down the wall, and gives a ridiculous scream. Elyurias overhears their conversation, and on a whim decides to go with Shion’s plan instead of the one he put years of planning into.

Nezumi plants a bomb on the supercomputer, and Safu stays behind. It’s not clear why. The bomb blows up, and Mother is destroyed. If the Mother is destroyed, all the other computers blow up too. Great security guys. So Shion and Nezumi run through the facility as shit blows up.

Now Shion’s mad that they left Safu behind. He tells Nezumi, “You used me! Your objective was the correctional facility’s destruction!” Nezumi says, “No shit, Sherlock.”

Then Nezumi gets shot, and Shion brings him to the infirmary to perform field surgery. (Shion, what are you unzipping?! That’s not where he got shot!) Then it’s Shion’s turn to get shot in the heart. They fall down a chute and meet up with Dogkeeper and the other guy.

While this is happening, Elyurias uses his rainbow power to make the bees turn into tornadoes and destroy the wall. I’m not making this up.

Back to Shion. He’s dead. Everyone cries. Dogkeeper says that she doesn’t want to die too, and runs off with the other guy in tow. Nezumi is alone with Shion’s corpse. Then Safu comes. She puts Shion’s head in her lap, transforms into the rainbow bee queen and explodes. Nezumi’s wounds are healed and Shion is resurrected.

Shion and Nezumi walk out, kiss, and part. The baby that Dogkeeper ditched finds its way back to Shion, and the cycle of life continues… or something. The people from inside No. 6 and the people from outside No. 6 head towards the broken wall, shuffling along like zombies. Now that the wall is gone everyone will be bestest best friends and live happily ever after.

That’s It

Not much more to say, I think what happened pretty much speaks for itself. A few stray observations.

  • Note how we have the pile of machine parts instead of the pile of corpses now. Oooh, how symbolic!
  • Karan continues to piss me off. I feel like the creators want me to like her, while all she’s done is hide and let other people solve her problems for her.
  • On the same thread, Yoming is dead. Bastard got what he deserved, wanting to make trouble. At least that’s what it seems like I’m supposed to think…
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7 thoughts on “No. 6 11 — Drop Dead

  1. There are so many questions I want to ask the show, but I will never get an answer. So here are my thoughts about No.6:


  2. This episode was loaded with unintentional comedy. Shion’s ridiculous scream, whatever the Dogkeeper said in the middle, Nezumi singing. And when the dog brought the baby, I was laughing really hard.

    This is better than Hidan No Aria, Deadman Wonderland and Blood-C IMO because the cheesy presentation was pretty enjoyable. Obviously the story was terrible…

      1. Yes, Hidan no Aria was so bad it was good. I mean, it never had a “deep serious story” like Deadman Wonderland and No.6.
        But on the other hand, No.6 started off good, so I would say it is better. Or something. They’re all bad anyway, so there’s no reason to care.

      2. The gargling monster was funny. Not as good as this one, though. Another show with similar quality of storytelling and bad-but-funny ending is Omamori Himari.

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