The Metamorphosis — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #4

There are many reasons that moments in anime can stick with us. Some elevate our minds to new heights. Some make us weep. Others make us laugh.

And some moments leave our mouths hanging open in stunned disbelief. These moments are just as memorable, if not more so, than the best scenes in anime. This year had its fair share of jaw droppers.

The biggest jaw dropper this year, by far, was the ending to No. 6. You can find all the juicy details here. But to summarize, Safu becomes a Native American god, Elyurias. Elyurias unleashes killer bees to destroy No. 6. But he then overhears Shion talking about how No. 6 and the outside world could coexist.

Elyurias changes his mind and decides not to destroy No. 6. The deadly bees turn into a tornado of rainbow LOVE and destroy No. 6’s walls instead.

Shion dies. Safu transforms into a rainbow bee queen and explodes. Shion comes back to life. Everyone lives happily ever after. Except Safu.

I think the reasons this was so memorable should speak for themselves.

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14 thoughts on “The Metamorphosis — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #4

  1. I watched No6 for the Safu! But stayed for the science…I would have loved to see Safu at the end become some mutant monster that kills everyone or something…

    But new wasp form works ;D

    1. Personally, I wasn’t much of a fan before this, either. I loved the first episode, but then it all went downhill from there… They completely ignored all the politics (and merely disparaged all the alternatives to totalitarianism) in favor of having Shion and Nezumi play house and visit Gandalf.

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