Fate / Zero 12 — Betrayal

This show seems to oscillate between amazing episodes like the last one, and snooze fests like this one.

The problem is, as usual, Saber and Irisviel. They’re boring! The most exciting thing they did in ten minutes is hold hands. It’s a shame, because I love all the other characters. And fifty percent of the screen time is given to these two! Why? Why not Matou, who we’ve barely seen at all? Or more Caster? Or Waver and Rider? Or anyone but Saber and Irisviel?

The discussion between Kotomine and Gilgamesh for the rest of the episode was interesting though. Gilgamesh is basically saying to steal him from Tohsaka. Although I feel like they’re just pulling things about the grail out of their asses…

This show could stand to do better at mixing up the talking and the action. They seem to have episodes full of either all talking or all action. In either case it’s too much. Some moderation would help, I think.

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