No Game No Life — First Impressions


Mondaijitachi ga Isekai blah blah blah except the main character is an asshole who’s totally full of himself and he goes around with a loli imouto who shares a bed with him and the colors are so bright they hurt your eyes.


With that said, the first episode was enough to keep my interest. It’s more fantasy! Oh my goodness I love this season. Like Mondaijitachi, a world full of games should provide us enough variety to keep things interesting.

This show’s main characters are obnoxious though. The main guy is an ass who’s totally full of himself. I can see why he’s a miserable failure in the real world. Honestly, he should be a miserable failure in this world too. He’s presented as someone super good at judging people and manipulating them. But if this is the case, why does he not have any friends? The answer is because the way he treats people is terrible.

Then there’s the little sister who seems to exist mainly to make cute noises and show us her panties. Just what I wanted to see.

Oh well, if this guy ends up getting the come-uppance he so richly deserves my opinion on this could change. But I don’t see that happening. He’s basically a Kirito character. So perfect and wonderful, he deserves everything the world has to offer. Just the world doesn’t understand him. What a joke.

12 thoughts on “No Game No Life — First Impressions

  1. I think the last part of your preview is actually the whole point – the series is meta-aware of what it’s doing, and so I think it’s sort of doing everything with this tongue-in-cheek vibe that’ll come back at some point later.

    Also, the way the exposition happens feels really similar to Oregairu, where it’s told through the MC’s very slanted worldview. I’ll be curious to see what the show does with that, since there’s actually a lot of things in the first episode that could be followed up on.

    I also don’t see too much wrong with some Gary Stu – Mahouka does it too, and it can be fun to watch, even if it the series doesn’t end up with some repudiation/commentary on the while wish-fulfillment thing.

    1. “I also don’t see too much wrong with some Gary Stu – Mahouka does it too, and it can be fun to watch”

      Most aren’t though because are too many out there, Mahouka included where it isn’t that interesting to see. See how this one goes though.

    2. Really? I hope you’re right. At the moment I haven’t seen much evidence that this is all tongue in cheek, but maybe I’m missing something. Either way it could change its perspective later on though.

      Mahouka’s main character I didn’t feel reached nearly the heights of this one. Sure, the guy in Mahouka is pretty competent. But I don’t think he’s perfect. We’ve barely seen much of the guy. I mean, the little sister thinks he’s Jesus Christ, but clearly she is biased. He actually doesn’t seem too full of himself. And clearly either he is not as perfect as it seems or is the victim of some unfairness since he didn’t make it into the top class.

      The guy in this show can literally win at any game. He thinks everyone else is worthless and that he is superior to them in every way. Maybe it’s not so much the fact that he’s a Gary Stu as the fact that he thinks he’s a Gary Stu that pisses me off.

      1. but like you seen the sister was not there to be cute only. she also have skills like her brother from the chess game she won the gamemaster 50 times and also she defeated with her brother 1’200 players

      2. “Maybe it’s not so much the fact that he’s a Gary Stu as the fact that he thinks he’s a Gary Stu that pisses me off.”

        Supremely arrogant asshole doesn’t give you your kicks? 😛

  2. I interpreted the two characters as being logic-oriented (the sister) and emotion-oriented (the guy). I mean, he’s clearly a sociopath – he has no emotions of his own, he’s just good at manipulating others. And the impression is that he doesn’t have any friends more out of boredom with the world and people that he considers dumb than anything. But I didn’t see him portrayed as perfect, or maybe if that was the intention it didn’t reach me – he looked more like an asshole to me. An asshole who can win, sure, but no less asshole for this. So depending on where he goes from here the show might have a radically different meaning.

    Honestly, this being an LN adaptation, I don’t expect much from it. But if it just provided some varied and tense games with actual psychology behind them (rather than just, say, “OH DAMN HE’S GOOD I LOST”) it’d be good enough for me.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. He’s clearly an asshole. But I don’t know, because Kirito was clearly an asshole to me, and I’m fairly confident that wasn’t the show’s intention. I’m just not sure any more. It could turn out well though if the show is aware of this, as you say.

      And good point, the show hasn’t really revealed how he’s a genius. We just have to take their word for it.

  3. The problem is, the main guy might never lose.
    Sure, he will probably encounter various kind of pinch, but he will some trick and has the last night.
    Just that Dark Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh who never lose.
    Come to think of it, I watched a lot of bad show as a kid.

    1. Exactly, I can’t see him losing either. If he actually does this could be much more interesting though. Hope he gets sold into slavery at some point.

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