Hitsugi no Chaika — First Impressions


A loli wanders around with a coffin.

Another fantasy show! Darn I’m going to love this season. This show’s also off to a pretty good start. We have cool magic, a bit of intrigue, and evil unicorns getting chopped in half.

I particularly enjoyed the banter between the lead male and his sister. Pretty harsh but he takes it well.


My biggest worry is the loli. At the moment I don’t mind too much, but I can see her way of speaking getting really annoying really fast. Also any loli fanservice is not needed.

9 thoughts on “Hitsugi no Chaika — First Impressions

  1. She’s already annoying. But at least her magic wand’s a freaking sniper rifle. And the sister doesn’t want to bang her brother… yet.

    1. Good point. We should give anime credit where credit is due, a sister and brother do not want to bang each other. Unbelievable.

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