Black Bullet — First Impressions

It started off okay. A kid with a gun is helping the police fight some aliens. There were some bad signs, like how the villain announces his intention to destroy the world and doesn’t bother to kill the main character for no apparent reason. But I had hope. Then:


NOOOOOOO!!! Tempted to ragequit. I restrain myself.


Most of the rest of the episode consists of people infodumping information that should already be obvious for no particular reason. What’s most frustrating about it is that this information is completely unnecessary. I would have found the world more compelling if theyΒ hadn’t explained everything up front. Now it’s just tedious.

And the dialogue is atrocious. Here’s a sample:

“Do you know the nature of a jumping spider?”

“The color of its body? And it’s known to jump when hunting its prey.”

This is followed by another minute of gibberish “explaining” how humans gain these superpowers. First of all, do they really need to explain to us that a “jumping spider” fucking jumps? Good lord. Stop wasting my time. Second, the explanation doesn’t explain anything. We saw the guy turn into a giant spider. The explanation amounts to “he suddenly turned into a jumping spider because…Β gibberish“. That doesn’t help, or tell us anything we didn’t already know, since we just saw for ourselves exactly what was described happen! The entire episode is like this!

Then there’s the fact that the show tries to make this seem so serious. “ALL OF TOKYO COULD DIE WITHIN A DAY!” OMG. So what do our heroes do? They don’t tell anyone about this impending disaster, run off to catch a sale, get yelled at by their boss, and go to sleep. At which point the loli attempts to rape the main character. Hilarious. Then in the morning they wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, and go to school. And now I too understand the seriousness of the threat the whatdoyoucallems pose to the world.

Oh, and the characters are all written as if they’re mentally unstable. At the drop of a pin, the main character goes from aacting like a moron, to blushing like he’s talking to a girl for the first time, to pissed off and ready to murder someone. Then there’s the boss girl (who is the owner of a company but is dressed as a schoolgirl for some reason) who goes from being the big bad boss, to a poor miser who’s angry at missing a sale, to acting like the main character’s girlfriend, and finally to acting like the main character’s mother. Jesus.

Oh and this is a thing:


And I didn’t mention all the hilarious jokes about the loli’s flat chest.

This has to be one of the worst things I’ve seen in ages. But it’s fantasy so I’ll probably watch episode 2… It’s terribly written and… ok it’s just terrible in general… but somehow at least the world seems a bit interesting, so I have a teensy bit more hope for this than I did for Mahou Sensou, even though the implementation is probably worse, as hard as that is to believe. I suspect I’ll drop this eventually but I’ll at least give the second episode a shot.

13 thoughts on “Black Bullet — First Impressions

  1. I am still waiting for your final score of Tokyo Raven and Mahou Sensou.
    The former started out good, turned bland halfway, and went all the way down the shitter in the last episode. Another anime that I deeply regretted watching.

    1. Oops! Thanks for reminding me I still haven’t watched the final episode of Tokyo Ravens! Disappointed to hear it goes down the shitter though….

      As for Mahou Sensou, I dropped it around episode 6, so there will be no final review. It would have been an F though. πŸ™‚ A low F.

  2. I know I’m judging someone else’s culture here, but anime is a catalog of neat premises dragged to hell by the compulsive need to pander to Japan’s insane demographics.

      1. Well, as an European I DO find it stupid and annoying when an American movie ends up as an extended piece of propaganda meant to make US citizens feel better about how strong and good and unstoppable their country is. So it would make sense.

        1. Eh? But America is strong and good and unstoppable. Are you saying European movies are inaccurate? πŸ˜› Even the Japanese get that much right (see: DAN EAGLEMAN)

  3. Haven’t watched this yet, but it sounds like these could just be translation issues. Also quit reading Tokyo Ravens after a few chapters of the manga when it got boring.

    1. The thing with the jumping spider could possibly be a translation issue, but I doubt it. The majority of the show’s problems— certainly more than translation issues.

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