Owari no Seraph 06 – 07 — Shinoa~~~~


My face.

Shiona is great. Everything she does is hilarious.


Even the way she walks down the stairs is funny. She’s always in character.


The way she purposefully pisses everybody off is great.


She even manages to piss the boss off.

Sadly, everything other┬áthan Shinoa is less than stellar. Episode 7 was mainly an overcoming the self demon confrontation, which was pretty boring. (Mainly because Shinoa didn’t do much.)


Episode 7 mainly introduced the new loli tsundere character. It was a big improvement over the previous episode, mainly because it involved Shinoa messing with her a ton.


Yeah, not a big fan of the loli. Although she gives Shiona more screentime so I guess it’s a net gain.

Some of the humor aside from Shinoa is also decent.




It’s no Valvrave but it’s okay.


I’m not sure this was supposed to be humorous but I thought it was hilarious.


Also using the axe as an umbrella from the shower of blood was amusing.

Still, I had hoped for so much more with this show. I wanted Valvrave levels of ridiculousness, but this is barely even at Buddy Complex levels. Are they even trying?

I think they put all their effort into Shinoa. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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