Owari no Seraph 08 + 09 — Vampire Slaying


I like the main character’s attitude. In every other show, the protagonist is panicking about whether he should fight vampires or not. And here’s this guy whose thought is “Yeah!!! I want to kill more vampires!!!” Probably his attitude will change when he discovers his boyfriend who he thought was dead is also a vampire though.


He almost dies but he doesn’t give a crap. He’s pissed at the vampire for showing off! I wouldn’t go so far as to say I actually like this guy but I certainly get some good laughs out of him.




He just slaughters vampires left and right like it’s no big deal. Pretty hilarious.

Oh and saves the girl.




SHINOA~~~~ ahahahaha. Still by far the best thing this show has going for it.


So cute when trying to drive too. I didn’t realize she was so short. I guess most girls in anime are like that but you never realize it until you try to make them drive. Maybe this is also why most girls in anime don’t drive, except the drunken older sister types who can’t find a boyfriend. (So pathetic that this is a common archetype… I hated every single character who falls in it, except that asshole from Evangelion. Well, I especially hated that asshole from Evangelion, but she was a great character.)


Anyway Shinoa’s also cute when she’s getting revenge.


Scared Shinoa is okay too.


Trashtalking Shinoa is the best though.


Or is doping Shinoa the best? It’s so hard to decide.


Anyway, the main character’s boyfriend has become vampire loli’s sex slave. Next episode: his friends face off with boyfriend while main character and best girl try to catch up. Hopefully boyfriend can kill that annoying guy with the bow before they get there. Although seeing people take down assault helicopters with bows and arrows is fairly amusing.

6 thoughts on “Owari no Seraph 08 + 09 — Vampire Slaying

  1. oh man; you’re posts are hilarious. There’s something about shinoa’s cynical nature that makes her so endearing

  2. I’m really liking this anime, I really like both the antagonist and protagonist, I’m just waiting for them to meet one another and see how strong they’ve gotten for the opposite sides being the vampires and demon armies. I’d like to see a second season come out soon.

  3. I literally facepalm when those arrows took down helicopters.
    Oh. Please. God. No.
    Those arrows are enchanted. With demon power or whatever power. That’s why they can kill magical beings such as vampires.
    But why are they able to take down copters too?!
    What a load of bullshit.
    The only reason I still follow this anime is Shinoa. Of course.
    Also the constant foreshadowing of yaoi. lol.

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