Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 19 – 21 — The Height of Stupidity


Ugh this fight between Archer and Shirou is so stupid. I’ve watched three different adaptations of this and I still can’t understand any of the crap they’re shouting at each other.


Archer thinks saving people is bad… or something.



Someone like you can’t help others! It’s too hard!


Meanwhile, instead of dealing with this like any ordinary person and just laughing at Archer, Shirou has to play the hero and argue back at him. Then they have a duel to the death while they shout dumb platitudes at each other for three episodes.


I have to say though, putting his logic aside, I have to agree with Archer’s conclusion wholeheartedly.


And with Gilgamesh. Wow that was pointless.


Only good part of the last three episodes was Lancer beating the shit out of Shinji. Not once, but twice. Oh and killing what’s his face.

6 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 19 – 21 — The Height of Stupidity

  1. The script writers went to the school of DBZ for fighting cause it takes FOREVER! You gotta give the two fighters a chance to chat it out before swinging weapons at each other <3

    Saber was probably so bored watching them…

      1. (comment fucked up by a terrible computer)

        My snarky remark was going to be about how Goku and Frieza at least simply scream at each other rather than engaging in pretend pseudo-philosophical blabber. But on the other hand, I suppose this makes UBW seiyuu’s lifes that much easier.

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