The Week in Anime Spring 2015 #1 — Just a Month or Two Late



Denpa Kyoushi: Story of my life.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: I’m surprised this show translated so well to anime. They made a drama of it too which I saw, and it was decent although not this great.


Grisaia: Still going strong. Never change, Grisaia.

Ore Monogatari: I feel bad for Takeo’s friend… it must hurt to help hook up the man he loves with a girl.


Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku: This is the shocker of the season for me. This show is great. Most of the reason is Eruna, whose enthusiasm completely carries the show. It’s like the second coming of Hajime from Gatchaman Crowds. In a medium where so many characters absolutely refuse to share their feelings with each other I love the rare character like Eruna.

Dungeon Pickup Artist: As E Minor says,  this is a harem of mommies. It’s pretty creepy.

Triage X: I’ve been watching this with Classy, and it’s terrible. The main reason it’s so awful is that it’s a show about boobs and the boobs all look disgusting. You’d think they could at least get that part right. Nope. But aside from that, it’s interesting how the main characters are a bunch of murderers, but they don’t seem to realize it. In recent episodes a rival band of assassins has appeared (only to quickly be killed, but…). This rival band does exactly the same thing as our heroes, except they do it for “revenge” while the heroes do it for “justice”. It seems like an obvious comparison but I haven’t figure out yet if the creators realize the claimed motivation here doesn’t make much of a difference.


Also… yeah.

Nagato Yuuki-chan: Yeah, I still don’t like how all Nagato’s robotic tendencies have been eliminated to turn her into a generic shy girl. But still, shy smart girls are the best, so this is still adorable. Just not as cute as shy smart supercomputer girls.


Nisekoi: Needs more Ruri.

Arslan Senki: Taking a while to get started. Also I hope it doesn’t turn into a Yona-style adventure story and maintains a focus on the larger political picture.

Punch Line: I’m enjoying this quite a bit. That twist was pretty funny.


Oregairu: This may be my favorite show of the season. I can’t believe how good this season is. I think I need to rewatch the first season, because this is amazing.

I especially like the student council meetings (god, I’ve been there so many times…) and the treatment of Hachiman’s ex. Can’t wait for more. Now I finally understand why Froggy is so obsessed with this.

Plastic Memories: Orange is best girl. This would be a lot better if the robot girl wasn’t so boring.


Knights of Sidonia: Still amazing. We add the most moe girl ever to our harem in this new season.


She ain’t got nothing on ROBO-IZANA though.

People seem to be making a big deal of the fact that Sidonia is a harem. The implication appears to be that  fans of Sidonia only like it because they don’t realize it’s a harem / all harems are terrible. This is silly. Of course Sidonia is a harem. And what’s wrong with that? The formula is popular for a reason— it works. The first novel ever written was a harem, and it’s still widely hailed to this day as a literary classic. Sidonia is a harem and I think it’s great.

High School DxD: Sidonia’s not quite as great as another literary masterpiece that happens to be a harem which is airing this season though.

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