Persona 4 The Golden Animation — First Impressions


I’m not sure what the point of adapting this twice is, but the first episode was actually pretty good. There’s enough to still make it interesting despite having already seen the story once. Like how the main character is even more of a badass than he was last time. And since this time the show is only half the length, hopefully they’ll leave out all those boring social link episodes and I won’t get as bored as I did last time. Overall, I can’t imagine this will turn out to be anything but an improvement over last time. Still not sure if it’s worth watching the same story again though. Or if someone who hasn’t seen the first season or played the game will understand it.


I also don’t get why they needed to add a tsundere. Her level of tsun is ridiculous too…

8 thoughts on “Persona 4 The Golden Animation — First Impressions

    1. … does she get any better? Right now she’s just being ridiculously tsundere for the sake of being tsundere.

        1. She better tone it down because wow is she the most textbook tsun imaginable. It’s like one tsun insult isn’t enough, she has to use three at once.

  1. What was weird about this Marie-thingy also, was the way she was just “handed over” to Yu. Apparently she’s too amnesiac to be allowed having any say in the matter.

  2. As someone who’s currently playing the game on the Vita (which is the version that added Marie the tsundere), I was a lot less impressed with the pacing of this new anime. It managed to achieve the feat of seeming both rushed and perfunctory, and unlike the game itself, where there was a bit more time to develop the characters, they just threw everyone into the action with little context setting. I understand this is in part due to having only one cour, and probably the people watching it have either or both seen the first anime series and played the game. But as a standalone I was bored–and I love the game.

    1. That’s similar to how I feel. You would get absolutely nothing out of this if you weren’t already familiar with everything. I kind of wonder why they didn’t just release some OVAs.

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