Psycho Pass 2 02 — The WC


Personally I agree that the best explanation was he was looking for the bathroom… I can see that driving someone to murder.


Anyway, I thought we learned last season that the Sibyl system isn’t as omnipotent as widely believed. Why does it feel like we’re learning this from scratch all over again?


I’ve forgotten most of what happened in the first season, but I think we already went through this…


Back to the Sibyl System. Part of what makes it so dehumanizing is that it removes human choice. People have very little choice of what they can do. They can’t even stop or delay the transfer of a dangerous, violent criminal, but have to jump at the Sibyl System’s every whim. And this echoes how ordinary people experience the Sibyl system, which chooses their careers for them and continuously monitors their mental states.



Then there’s also the issue of judgement— the Sibyl system passes judgement on humans, and sentences them to death. Death is the ultimate  source of the Sibyl System’s power and authority. Who is it to judge men? And in turn, the people worship it, gratefully allowing it to make their choices for them and control their very lives and deaths.


The new season’s villain actually appears to care about individual humans, unlike Makashima from the last season. Makashima saw people as tools and expected them to be killed. This guy tries to rescue his friend from prison and evens sheds tears for him. He doesn’t seem to care at all if other people die.

Most interestingly, however, unlike Makashima, this new villain seems to implicitly accept the Sibyl System’s authority. It looks like he accepts the SIbyl System’s judgments, and may not want to dispose of the system entirely. Of course, all these inferences are made based on merely a shadowy appearance of a few sentences, so take this with a grain of salt.


Not much new to add, it wasn’t a very eventful episode, but at least my ship seems to be sailing.

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  1. The faults of sibyl never went public last season if i remember correctly. Only Akane and a few others truly know about the infallibility of the sibyl system. You have to remember that at the end of the day, sibyl was able to cover up the stuff regarding makishima being criminally asymptomatic as well as the other hiccups that occurred in season 1. As far as most of society and even the investigators know, sibyl doesnt make mistakes

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