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Psycho Pass 2 10 — What…?

I give up. This is retarded. What the fuck are they thinking?

Especially Akane’s spiel in this episode. Sibyl doesn’t make sense because of… the omnipotence paradox?! Sibyl is perfect, but if it judged a corporate entity, it would be forced to judge itself? This is just so fucking stupid I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with the idea that Sibyl is perfect. What the fuck. How would anyone even think this. Sibyl goes around fucking murdering people in broad daylight every day. Sibyl is a group of brains in jars. We have seen Sibyl make mistakes in its judgements multiple times. Akane is arguing that Sibyl is perfect right after Sibyl fucking murdered her grandmother.


Ok. Then there’s the idea that Sibyl is this super logical system, so if it judges this guy, it has to judge itself. Them’s just the rules, bro. Except it’s completely obvious that Sibyl’s only goal is self-preservation. We just heard it discussing how it had dug up dirt on its political enemies. It just tried to blackmail Akane. Sibyl isn’t logical at all. It’s completely arbitrary. Continue reading Psycho Pass 2 10 — What…?

Psycho Pass 2 08 – 09 — God or the Beast?

I’m far behind in everything and feeling lazy, let’s do this in stream-of-consciousness notes format.

He develops his super-evil super-secret surgery to combine 184 bodies and… PATENTS IT?!!

I guess Kamui’s Psycho Pass can’t be measured because he has seven brains, he’s like a small version of the Sibyl system itself. If the Sibyl System was able to measure its own Psycho Pass, it would definitely have to put itself down.


Same thing could be said about the Sibyl system to humans. Continue reading Psycho Pass 2 08 – 09 — God or the Beast?

Psycho Pass 2 06 — Killer Robot Chickens


In this episode we have a clear analogue to the current drone wars currently being fought by Noble Peace Laureate Obama. In real life I make robots, so this is a topic I’ve thought about a fair amount. Whenever I tell someone what I do, the first things people say are often 1) Will robots take my job? 2) Will robots bring about the singularity and bring humanity to destruction? 3) Something about Isaac Asimov, and 4) That sounds an awful lot like those killer drones. Continue reading Psycho Pass 2 06 — Killer Robot Chickens