PSYCHO PASS 2 11 — Fuck This


For crying out loud. This episode was so fucking stupid. Where do I even start?


“To judge you the correct way.” There is no fucking correct way to judge someone else. And as far as judging people go, I’m pretty damn sure having a collective hivemind of mass murderers pass judgement is nearly as far from correct as you can get.

I have never seen a show completely miss the point as horribly as Psycho Pass 2 did. You have this giant robot hive brain murdering people in the streets, choosing their destinies for them, people living in slavery to this system. And what aspect of this dystopia does Psycho Pass 2 concern itself with? That the algorithm doesn’t work on people with patched together brains. And it can’t judge itself. What. The. Fuck. WHO FUCKING CARES?!!! If it does as well at judging itself as it does at judging it humans, its judgments are fucking rubbish anyway. This is like calling Hitler a god and complaining that the only problem with his wonderful system is that he didn’t execute himself for having mental issues.


And then the robot makes some lights blink and claims it fixed itself. What fucking bullshit. It still intends to fucking kill people so this just means its algorithm either is crap or it’s lying. Seriously who the fuck would trust this thing anyway?!!!


Yeah this is also fucking retarded.


Yeah, Akane, why don’t you try to change things from the inside, the proper way?!! And become a brain in a jar?!! To be fair I found this rather insightful, since people will actually say this kind of thing a lot. And as is obvious here it’s a load of shit. The problem is I highly doubt the people writing this realize it.


Insightful words from the new high priest. Of course that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED FOR THE PAST THIRTY-SOMETHING EPISODES. Akane’s new plan has truly changed the world.

Oh, and Akane’s new plan is the most fucking retarded part of the whole goddamn ordeal. Now the Sibyl is also going to judge society. What a load of shit. It isn’t fit to judge jack. And also it doesn’t need a judge anyway, it’s fucking obvious, its society is black as hell, and Sibyl is what led them there. If anything deserves to spend an eternity burning in the fires of hell it’s the Sibyl system and the society that embraces it. And here we get a show asking insightful probing questions about how to adjust the contradictions in Sibyl’s perfection due to the omnipotence paradox.

11 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 2 11 — Fuck This

  1. “If you wish for change, why don’t you try instituting change from inside?”

    You know who that worked out really, really well for? SUZAKU

  2. The Sybil-System wasn’t perfect to begin with but the way they describe the effects of it being able to “judge” people as groups now sounds even more stupid than the previous version. As long as the majority of a group is “evil” anyone affiliated with the group can be put down with the Dominators now – or at least that’s how I understood it. After all, this series didn’t even bother showing us what the consequences of all this nonsense are supposed to be. All it had to offer for its epilogue were shitty character-moments which I wouldn’t exactly call character-development and some ominous words or idealistic naivety (in the case of Akane who should know better by now).

    1. Yep. They’re just going to be murdering even more people with even less cause. They somehow completely miss the fundamental problem with the Sibyl system and fabricate dumb theoretical imaginary problems in its place.

  3. I like your Hitler example. What a hypocrisy on his part!

    This episode was about how undergoing evaluation doesn’t mean jack shit if the evaluating body is an internal, not an external one. I don’t know whether they aimed at some political commentary with that, but it doesn’t appear so.

    This episode proved once more that Akane is a retard who can’t think out of the box. This season a lot of people were killed as a result of her actions, yet she never reflects on that. What a tool.

    I like how they never explained how Kamui knew the true nature if the Sybil system.

    1. Wasn’t the research on Kamui what led to the creation of the Sibyl system? Or maybe it was the other way around… now that you mention it, I’m not sure how he knew that.

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