Ro-Kyu-Bu! — First Impressions

The above shot pretty much sums it all up. A high school boy is blackmailed into coaching an elementary school girl’s basketball team after his own team is suspended for a year following the team captain’s elopement with an elementary schooler. This doesn’t seem like the best plan to recover the team’s good standing.

The coach’s new team tries to win him over by dressing up as maids, calling him onii-chan, and showing him their undergarments. There are long shower scenes. The girls all conspire to raise their coach’s “affection level”.

The story actually looks like it might have some potential. The girls seem to have some sort of conflict with the boys at their school, and need to win the prefectural tournament in a month for some reason. The short basketball segments weren’t bad. And the coach’s family and classmates seem interesting. Of course, this is all assuming you can get past the rampant pedophilia. I wasn’t able to, and don’t plan on continuing with Ro-Kyu-Bu.

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