Robotics; Notes 03 — Battlebots

This is not a robot.

This is a robot. Which does our robotics club have a single iota of interest in?

This tournament is horrible. Like Battlebots, it’s a competition in which you blast your opponents’ robots to smithereens. What a cruel and sadistic form of entertainment.

It’s totally unfair too. Shouldn’t this have weight limits or something? How are they supposed to knock down something that looks like it weighs twice as much as them?

And why are they using humanoids? Humanoids are pretty much the worst shape for these things. In the actual Battlebots, no one uses humanoids. They all used extremely stable wheeled robots with heavy armor. I suppose it’s probably part of the rules that they need humanoid robots, but it seems to me that it makes it a lot less exciting.

This tournament isn’t about building robots, as evidenced by our team’s near-victory with only two weeks of preparation. This is a tournament for playing video games.

Further Thoughts

Our hero seemed to use some sort of special power, which the sister was mentioning. I wonder what it is… it seemed kind of like he was slowing time, or upping his reaction rate or something. It seems like his body isn’t fit for it, so he has an averse reaction.

Now I’m not so sure I want holograms anymore.

No shit, Sherlock.

This is pretty much the only show where yelling out special move names has actually made sense. I do like her boundless enthusiasm.

Um… what. His costume was totally obvious. Now his refusal to join the robotics club makes perfect sense.

6 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 03 — Battlebots

  1. I kind of wonder why the organizer went along with his foolish entry, 😀
    Did the audience seriously think it’s cool?

  2. It’s nice to finally see Kai showing some emotion. His apathy was getting to be a bit too much to handle. I know that his character is suppose to play off of Aki’s, but there are limits to even something like that.

    1. When he can be bothered to stop playing video games, he’s actually pretty smart and not at all bad with people. The way he arranged the club’s survival was pretty impressive.

  3. Star Driver! Loved that ref hahaha

    Yeah agreed Draggle there should be a weight limit on those tiny bots! As for Kai’s super power I kept thinking it was part of a heart condition especially with that random camera zoom on his chest?! That might explain why he is soooooo lazy to keep his heart rate down or something…either way I thought it was interesting that Aki’s illness speeds time up while Kai’s slows it down! I hope we discover why really soon.

    Great stuff so far this was easily the best episode so far for me.

    1. I think there’s more to it than a heart condition, just because of the interest Aki’s sister seemed to show in it. I wonder if Aki’s condition is related to it…

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