Zetsuen no Tempest 04 — Feelings

This is what I was afraid would happen to this show— exactly what happened with No. 6. We have here an entire episode that completely forgets about the magic, giant eyeballs, pseudo-mysticism and crazy fights that made this show interesting in the first place. Instead, we focus on Mahiro and Yoshino’s childhood friendship. Feelings. Ugh.

It turns out that in their childhood, Mahiro was a spoiled rich kid and Yoshino was a super-genius detective. He single-handedly outmatched the police force at detective work in third grade. Then he accused Mahiro of saving a puppy and Mahiro became popular at school. Oh, and Yoshino official became Mahiro’s caretaker.

We discover all this through the best method of storytelling: Yoshino telling this all to a naked girl on an island thousands of miles away through a toy statue. While Mahiro is taking a bath (this wouldn’t be anime if Yoshino didn’t walk in on him naked, of course).

Mahiro here told the biggest lie of the episode. Even bigger than Yoshino’s claim that raw celery is bitter. Has anyone making this show ever eaten celery before?

But despite the walking in on the bath, cooking dinner in an apron (this guy is totally Shion 2.0) and the childhood marriage process, this was the gayest moment of the episode:

I sincerely hope this show can go back to the magic and fighting and spending less time turning our two lead characters into seme and uke archetypes. This is worse than shoujo. At least those have moved beyond girls spending all their time in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 04 — Feelings

  1. This episode brought absolutely nothing new to the table. I don’t mind flashback sequences, but they actually have to reveal something. This was just boring, and it made me feel like they were trying to spoon feed me information. Thankfully it looks like things will pick up again next week.

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