Robotics; Notes 04 — Begging for Money

I really liked the segments in this episode where Akiho was trying to get funding. As someone who works in research, this was depressingly realistic…

The dad’s appeal to the authority figure here was hilarious.

We found a bit more about Akiho and Kaito’s health issues— for one, time speeds up, and for the other, it slows down. Neither of these seem like a particularly useful ability at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough material to do much speculation yet.

We’re also getting some new characters introduced. We have blonde twintails who’s basically Moeka from Steins; Gate except she talks… sort of. It also looks like the goth loli from the ending will be making her appearance next episode. I’m predicting that I’m not going to like her. Hopefully I’ll be wrong though, genki girls generally annoy me as well but I’m cool with Akiho.


Humanoid robots that aren’t really robots are a waste of money, so I’m glad JAXA isn’t funding them. Sorry, kids, you need to do more compelling research.

It seems like they are starting to realize the folly of their ways:

I’ve been saying before that remote controlled humanoids are dumb, but giant humanoids with human passengers make this dumb idea seem like pure genius. That’s going to be a really comfortable ride there in an enormous legged vehicle… Have fun with all that whiplash. You definitely won’t want to try reading in the back seat in one of those things.

Silly kids. Robots are meant to be robots! They should drive themselves! Why do you want to drive the “robot”! Lame!

8 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 04 — Begging for Money

  1. You are just hammering this show for going with the classic piloted robot. Even though they usually are autonomous, it isn’t necessarily a requirement. In fact, a fighting robot would probably be much better off with a human brain controlling it. As for the pilot being inside the robot, it could be for data transfer reasons or network security.

    Why are you so determined to crush my childhood sci-fi fantasies?

    1. Pssh, robots could take humans in a fight any day. Who do you think has the better reaction time? And why should you need to transfer data in the first place? The robot should do everything by itself!

      It’s because IRL I program robots. Your childhood fantasies weren’t fantastic enough!

  2. Haha, you are right about the “robots” ! It seems the intended to construct Gunvarrel rather as an exosceleton. But I could imagine that it later acquires consciousness (like the space probes in Jintai).
    I think Frau is much cooler than Moeka whom I didn’t like at all. I mean Frau has programmed this awesome game; she seems to be nerdy but not like completely clueless.

    1. Acquiring consciousness… oh man, just like this stupid goth girl… robots are machines, not people! Why does everyone want to give them feelings and stuff! They’re better off without feelings!

      Frau is better than Madoka, I agree. Their communication patterns are just kind of similar.

  3. But draggle, according to wikipedia, “Robots can be autonomous, semi-autonomous or remotely controlled”. I know you love your robots being automous, but stop hurting these poor kids.

  4. If you are thinking of Steins;Gate, there will be another cameo later in this series. Think she shares a similar name with her S;G counterpart as well.

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