Robotics; Notes 05 — May I Call you Onii-chan?

Just what this show needed! A goth-loli imouto! Yay!

This girl is pissing me off already. The more time she spends as a robot, the better.

If you think about it, this show doesn’t make any sense. Look at this girl. The people of the future have solved AI. She could pass the Turing test, no problem (assuming the Turing test was adjusted to control for goth-loli imoutos with giant ribbons).

The thing with this show though, is that so far nothing much has happened. And it isn’t nearly as witty as Stein’s; Gate to make up for this, either. It’s too straightforward. Plus, it doesn’t give enough material to even make me care enough to speculate.

So NASA is Robotics; Note’s CERN. The sun is going to explode. Great. Well, what’s wrong with covering it up? Everyone’s going to die no matter what you guys do. So you might as well not force everyone to worry about it and let them enjoy the rest of their lives. What’s the big deal?

How dense can Kai be?

This was the best moment of the episode.

2 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 05 — May I Call you Onii-chan?

  1. I tend to suspend my disbelief with AI. Cause otherwise you must have a world of almighty humans who have undergone the tech Singularity successfully. Believing that they’re gonna get “some” tech, but not “all” tech, is going halfway then stopping for some reason, and introduces one more point of disbelief suspension – it’s easier to ignore it altogether.

    The S;G universe has a hard-on for lawful neutral American research institutes.

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