Robotics; Notes 12 + 13 — Feelings and Solar Coronas



Episode 12 was painful. Drama and feelings are one thing. But all this crying over being friends with a robot that has the intelligence of a tape recorder? Give me a break. This is like having a dresser fall on you and retaining a chronic fear of dressers ten years later.

In episode 13, it finally appears that stuff is going to happen. Hidden messages in anime episodes, power outages, fires, a robot rebellion? This is the kind of thing I can get behind. Now why didn’t we have this twelve episodes ago?

robotics_notes_12_2Pretty much the only character who doesn’t bore me at this point is Frau. Akiho is amusing, but she’s always just genki about everything and it’s getting boring. Akiho’s key character trait is the fact that he’s boring, so no surprises there. Karate kid is afraid of robots. And Subaru has given up his cosplay, so he’s got nothing left.

Did Frau actually try to kill herself? That noise she heard beforehand makes me think there’s something else going on.

I don’t get how Akiho decided to chunk a rock threw the window though. That seems completely out of character.


4 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 12 + 13 — Feelings and Solar Coronas

  1. You keep calling Kai, Akiho. (Unless you are doing that on purpose. lol.)

    Anyway, I thought Kai threw the rock cause he was worried about Kona. Since she has been holed up in her house for months, and with all that has been happening, her not answering would have been worrisome. The visual novel would probably go into more detail on that. By the way, I ship Kai x Kona. Do you?

    1. Oops. Well, they both have a ‘k’, ‘a’, and ‘i’, close enough? 🙂

      That makes sense. It seemed from the episode that he knew something happened to her. And no, I ship Frau with Subaru.

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