Robotics; Notes 14 — A Romantic Comedy


You know, if Robotics; Notes were a romantic comedy, I think I would like it. Look at that screenshot above: replace the next Onii-chan whatever show with this and everyone would love it. Robotics; Notes has a perfect setup for shipping wars in Akiho vs. Frau, and a non-contentious romance between Subaru and Frau. Add the teacher hitting on Nao and it would be perfect.


But instead of focusing on the things which Robotics; Notes does well, we’re burdened with distant tales of robot revolutions, with solar flares, with a meandering backstory of Akiho’s sister, and with endless gaming sessions to save the world. I mean, come on, the robot revolution is happening, and we have to watch people sit on the couch playing video games? This is the lamest robot revolution I’ve never seen.

The conspiracies aren’t helping us get to know the characters at the moment; they’re actively getting in the way. Let me note that, for all of Steins; Gates’ time travel mindfuckery, the most powerful part of that show were the relationships between Okabe, Christina and Mayushii. Likewise, in Robotics; Notes the most genuine parts of the show are the relationships between Kaito, Frau and Akiho. In Steins; Gate, the time travel is a plot device that allows us to realize the depth of their relationships. In Robotics; Notes, the conspiracies are tacked on almost as an afterthought.

This is why I almost wish Robotics; Notes ditched the conspiracies. They could just focused on the lives of the robotics club students as they construct a giant robot: a story of young men and women working hard to achieve their dreams, and finding love. Why do we need to save the world? It’s just detracting from what’s truly important.


So from now on, I’m going to try to stop expecting Robotics; Notes to uncover some brilliant mindfuck conspiracy or to have our heroes fight robots. I’m going to try to just accept it as it is, and enjoy Frau slobbering over a half-naked Kaito on the couch. I’ll unleash my imagination like Frau (although mine isn’t quite as wild as hers).

Further Thoughts


Oh man… I think I see where this is going.


Annnndddd I was right. How can they look so innocent as they betray their friends to the cops?


The robots are so cute! I want to take them home!


Oh god, even Frau’s pillow talk is about giant robots… I wonder if we’ll get to hear Akiho’s. She’ll probably call out the names of all the moves.

6 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 14 — A Romantic Comedy

  1. Your first pic was the best in all of Robotics; Notes so far (maybe apart from the picture of Frau in the new OP)! Until recently I didn’t like Frau as she seemed to be just your stereotypical socially inept hikkikomori girl. But now it seems as if she was just waiting for someone (Kaito) as a knight to rescue her from self-inflicted isolation. Which makes her less cool but also much more believable imo. She’s so clingy that I’m starting to feel sorry for Akiho! My only complaint are these braids sticking from her head in such an unnatural angle. Good thing to see her w/ loose hair in this episode!

    Besides, I agree w/ everything you write. I changed my expectations of R; N a few episodes ago and decided that it wasn’t half bad if watched as a slice of life series. At least the production values are decent.

    Oh btw, how dumb are these cops? Why do they leave supposed terrorist Frau and instead chase Mr Pleiades? Is there even a law against cosplaying in Japan?

    1. I don’t like the way her hair sticks out either. It looks much better when she lets it down. Plus it doesn’t make sense that someone like her would put any amount of effort in her hair.

      Yeah the cops are retarded. I’m not entirely sure why she had to hide from them in the first place though. You’d think if she told them what she was doing they might want to help. It makes even less sense that they just left after the robots were fixed.

      1. Frau and Kaito were hacking the robot company’s system the very moment the police appeared. The detectives therefore hardly would have believed imo that her twitter account had been hijacked.

        1. That’s a good point. They’re cops, they probably don’t know much anything about computers to make things worse.

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