Zetsuen no Tempest 15 — Asking his Body Directly


Oh man. This episode was amazing.

So many comedy shows start out well, and then decide they have to add some hackneyed serious drama at the end. It seems like Zetsuen no Tempest is taking the opposite approach: do the tedious, serious stuff first to get it out of the way, and then turn the show into a romantic comedy.


And hey, it’s working out great so far. Mahiro threatening to ask the mage of Exodus’ body directly, Samon taking Mahiro underwear shopping: hilarious.


Hakaze’s realization of her crush was funny as well, when she starts accidentally ranting about all the things she wants to do to Yoshino’s ear lobes. This girl…


It looks like next week our courageous mage of Exodus is going to turn into a super hero, so that should be fun too.

The best moment was when the mage of Exodus accused Mahiro of being a siscon:


Funny enough as is, but then these guys’ reactions:


Priceless. I feel like it was worth it making him fall in love with his sister just for this moment.

On a more serious note, the suggestion that the tree killed Aika because Hakaze wanted Yoshino to be her boyfriend is going to make things very interesting soon. But I for am not enthusiastic to make a return to seriousness.

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