Rolling Girls Review — B


Cute girls ride motorcycles and help people.

So the story’s nothing to write home about. But damn is this show stylish! The art and music are both top-notch. And while the story itself is unremarkable, it’s put together quite well. There’s a genuineness to the character interactions that you don’t see often.

What’s more, the show has very little wasted time. Every single moment in the show is well thought out and contributes to the show. In most anime, there are times when I want to fast-forward because nothing’s happening. But in Rolling Girls I never felt that way. I was always surprised when the episode ended, despite the fact that the subject matter didn’t interest me all that much. Things tend to get a bit crazy and there are a ton of characters but I never felt lost either.

  • Storytelling – C – Great use of time, although not the most original story.
  • Voice – A – Oozes style.
  • Characters – B – Lots of characters, all with personality.
  • Attention Grab – B – Never bored. Although could have used more fighting.
  • Production – A – Gorgeous. Great music too.
  • Overall – B

Recommendations – Tsuritama

6 thoughts on “Rolling Girls Review — B

  1. Tell me you’re trolling. This is by far the worst winter show from the ones I watched.

    The story is too chaotic and rather run-of-the-mill. The characters are no-prersonalities. I wouldn’t even call them ‘your typical archetype/trope x’, they are just too empty. Like blank slates.
    Apart from nice hand-painted-alike backgrounds, the visuals are mediocre to bad. The characters look painfully QUALITY most of the time. The animation is poor. Great music? What music? I don’t remember any, apart from ear-torturing bland&cutsey songs.

    And I would like you to explain the voice acting grade. Do you even have the capacity to judge that? To me the acting and voices were as generic as they could get. It was hard to tell voice actresses apart, and that’s quite telling.

    Now answer honestly: did you judge this show favourably only because it has cute girls doing cute things? What if it was cute boys doing cute things instead?

    1. not really my place to butt in, but I think the ‘Voice’ section isn’t really about acting. It’s about the show’s own voice, as in what makes it stand out as something unique. Between its super-cool backgrounds, the crazy motorbike races, rock concerts, and robot battles, I think there’s plenty of style to be found here to make it worthy of an ‘A’ in voice.

      Nice review btw, draggle! Glad to see you enjoyed this one, too!

    2. Nope I’m serious. It’s chaotic but that’s one of the things I like about it. It’s true that the story is not particularly original and the characters don’t have the strongest personalities. I do like the animation and music though.

      Like whemleh said, the voice category has nothing to do with voice acting. It is a misleading name.

      You’re talking to someone who dropped Aria out of boredom, so…

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