Runner Ups — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #0

This year had too many good moments…

1. Idol Jihen

2. Hero Academia — Froggy Episode. Froooggggyyyyy!!!!! The episode the whole world needed.

3. Nier Automata — All the robots commit suicide. Also the ending. What a game.

4. Persona 5 — All those Sae cutscenes. What a year for video games.

5. Rakugo — Old guy dies.

6. Acca — Eating cake? Hard to pick one moment.

7. Just Because — Every time Mio is pissed.

8. Knight’s and Magic – Ernie rejects girl in favor of robot.

9. Re:Creators — Meteora’s recap episode.

10. Aho Girl — Every time the girl gets punched.

11. Tsurezure Children — Every moment.

12. Princess Principal — Every moment!

13. Tsuki ga Kirei — Meeting each other’s parents. Not particularly exciting, just really loved this scene.

14. Uchouten Kazoku — Pretty much everything, but especially the scene where he finally actually talked to his fiancee.

15. Gabriel Dropout — Every time Sataniel got pwned.

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